Last week we caught up with George Morales aka “DroppinHammerz” a skateboard videographer from the San Fernando Valley.  One of the many faces responsible for the rise of YouTuber Steven Fernandez known by many as “Baby Scumbag”.  George opened the door for many talented skateboarders throughout his career as a videographer.  Throughout the years George has been out of the spotlight, building a career behind the lens.  We thought it would be a great idea to give the talent behind many great ideas a shot at the spotlight, and catch up with him on his past, and any upcomming projects.

VM:  So George being familiar with your work my first thought is how did you get into filming skateboarders?

GM:  Well it’s a funny story, I started off skateboarding one summer back in 08’ and my goal was to become a professional skateboarder, nexts thing you know I injured my leg and was unable to skate, so the nexts best thing was to film the homies skate.

VM:  What kind of camera did you start filming off with?

GM:  I started off with a little shitty pocket camera my dad owned (laughs), i would say a year into filming I got more serious about it and bought a broken Canon GL1 off my buddy who was a pro BMX rider for a hundred bucks, best decision I made.  Fixed it for under 10 bucks and got right to business.

VM:  Seems like you are very familiar with different camera setups now, what are you filming with these days?

GM:  At the moment I’m working on buying a RED Epic, that’s the goal, but my current setup is a Panasonic HVX 200A with a Century Optics Xtreme Fisheye, I also own a Nikon D7500 for other work I do outside of skateboarding.

VM:  So “DroppinHammerz” how did that name come about?

GM:  Well I first used the name for my Instagram, I was late to the IG faze (laughs), but finally decided to make one, my favorite skater Jim Greco would always say drop hammers, or when someone would land a crazy trick skating many people call it bangers, he called it hammers.  So I pretty much chose it because I felt it was different and definitely paying homage to my all time favorite skateboard legend Jim Greco.  The name stuck after that and I guess you could say grew on me so check me out on social media @droppinhammerz (laughs).

VM:  Most of your work credit is through YouTube videos for “Baby Scumbag” How did you meet Steven Fernandez?

GM:  I actually met him through his cousin and manager Burger.  I was filming a video part for his company Produce Headwear for the homie Adrian Herrera.  Burger liked my film work and asked me if I was interested in helping create Stevens YouTube channel, I was so down.  We all became like a trio and the rest is history.

VM:  This is a tough one to ask, but Fernandez got into some legal problems in 2015, were you involved with any of that?

GM:  Hell nah, lol during that time I worked for a local apparel brand “All Aspects Apparel” shout out to the boys.  Months before that me and Burger had a fall out, and we stopped working together.  I remember I was on a date in Santa Monica when news broke out, i had at least 30 people call me and texting me if I was in jail or if I was okay.

VM:  So was everything that happened true?

GM:  (Laughs) Honestly I have no comment on that.  You know this, the media has ability to make a innocent person look guilty and a guilty person look innocent.

VM:  True, you do have a point.  So knowing Steven Fernandez I’m sure you’ve met and filmed with other influencers, who would you say was your favorite person you’ve met and filmed?

GM:  Oh I’ve met so many different people it’s been a blessing, I would say one of the most memorable people has been Mac Miller.  We used to go to his house in Laurel Canyon near Jerry’s Diner on Ventura Blvd, all the time and shoot skits and just talk about both of our ventures in this industry.  Very awesome person very humble and just really genuine, it’s tragic what happened to him.  Also got the chance to film with Legendary Skateboarder Christian Hosoi, I went on tour with him and my buddy Shaun Hover to the Philippines.   On that same trip we got invited to brunch with boxer Manny Pacquiao so that was something for the books.

VM:  Wow! that’s definitely something, so do you film anything outside of Skateboarding and YouTube?

GM:  Yeah I film pretty much anything that catches my interest or anything that pays well lol.  I’ve shot a few music videos for local artist, I’m no Cole Bennett, but i definitely get down.  Also worked on my first feature film I was head DP for a small Christian production company.  The film is still waiting on publishing rights and stuff like that, I think. The title is “Brothers By Choice” so definitely be on the look out, it’s supposed to be either on Netflix or Pureflix so watch out for your boys filming.  Big shout out to the director Donnie Williams, the man’s a legend, cast and crew and definitely to my  good friend Shawn Sosa, he pretty much did all the hard work nobody was willing to step in to do, so he definitely deserve his own interview and spotlight.

VM:  I will definitely be on the look out, and might make that happen, before we wrap things up, any new projects you’ve been working on or anything else we should be on the look out for?

GM:  Well at the moment, my eyes are on that RED camera, I want to collaborate with a few Valley skate legends on a full length skate video, so hopefully I can get that going by the end of the year. Aside all that I’ve been in the cut filming with my homie Justice Kellenberger and Shaun Hover for skate parts to present to new sponsors and hopefully Transworld Skate Mag.  Also hopefully back to work on our apparel brand we own, check out our clothes and Instagram page “Rose Love Co“.

VM:  It was definitely our pleasure to have you George, we wish you the best in your ventures and hope to see more of you very soon. I’ll throw your links down below so people who aren’t familiar can get familiar with your work. Again it was a pleasure, and best of luck to you.  Check out George’s work and links below, also check out our first segment with George.

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