How do people meet their medical needs during quarantine

How do people meet their medical needs during quarantine

Challenges caused by the outbreak

Doctors and patients

During the Covid-19, the admission of ordinary patients was limited, and the doctor’s normal office was disrupted, which affected the patient’s visit to a certain extent. In addition, the rotation allows more doctors to work at home, and their demands for remote meetings, training, and remote referrals are also very high.


For the medical and medical industry, how to curb the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible, maintain the order of medical treatment, and promote the resumption of production and production of enterprises are issues that need to be resolved in front of the government.

The medical ecosystem is still actively seeking solutions to meet the challenges

Online diagnosis and treatment are highly sought after, artificial intelligence helps fight against the epidemic, and Internet medical insurance settlement achieves a breakthrough.Due to the impact of the operation of some hospital departments, Internet hospitals have played a very important role in online diagnosis and treatment in the epidemic. After the outbreak, the “Internet + medical and health” model was quickly applied to fight the epidemic.

“Transtek” launched the “new coronary pneumonia real-time rescue platform”, which relieved the offline pressure in a timely manner through free consultation, expert consultation, and psychological assistance services. In addition, “Transtek” also provides timely online consultation and referral service functions. When online doctors are affected by the epidemic, they provide important communication channels for doctors and patients not affected by pneumonia.

Why is Remote Patient Monitoring Necessary?

For patients who test positive for COVID-19, home-based monitoring for symptom escalation can help reduce the risk of transmission and can target the provision of hospital-based care on a timely basis, should the need arise. As we face a growing hospital bed shortage, allowing for this type of remote monitoring can free up valuable and critical hospital resources to treat the most critical cases.

How is Remote Patient Monitoring Conducted?

Amid the coronavirus crisis, many patients who are infected with the virus are left without the care they need, particularly those who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. It is essential to monitor them because of the nature of the disease, which may lead to drastic and abrupt changes in their health status.

The demand for RPM equipment leads to a shortage of supply at least from traditional consumer sources. Transtek, as a medical-grade remote blood pressure management smart device and solution provider, is always ready to provide professional RPM service. Global users with RPM blood pressure monitor and RMP smart scale, support for Population Health Management, Chronic Care Management, cardiovascular management and more.

At-home blood pressure monitoring is already strongly recommended by many experts,including the European Society of Cardiology and the American Heart Association . More than a few studies have shown that people measuring BP at home do a better job of keeping healthy numbers than those who only get it measured during visits to their doctors. The importance of the technique has only increased during the age of the new coronavirus.

Try to use Transtek RPM blood pressure monitor, it’s a stylish and attractive blood pressure cuff that automatically updates the smartphone or PC application with data. Setup is very simple, you can easily get a new blood pressure reading with just one button.

After the cuff is inflated and deflated, a standard BP reading will be obtained. Connect the corresponding smartphone or PC application so that patients can store and track their readings, so they can monitor changes in blood pressure.

Transteks’ blood pressure monitor passed FDA/CFDA/KFDA certification.

Transteks’ blood pressure monitor can realize remote patient monitoring(RPM), can connect APP and PC system, share data with family doctor in real time, and conduct health consultation anytime and anywhere.

Why should I monitor my blood pressure at home?

The American Heart Association recommends that anyone with, or at risk of high blood pressure, should monitor their blood pressure at home. Home blood pressure monitoring is one of the best methods of trending a person’s blood pressure in their own environment.

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