All You Need to Know About Aston Martin Lagonda Holdings Plc

Founded in 2013 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin, Aston Martin Lagonda Holdings PLC is an independent manufacturer in the Great Britain of sport cars. They are also renowned for creating grand tourers. Today, the sport cars are a source of pride to the British people, and are regarded to as a cultural icon.


The Aston Martin brand came about in 1913 when two individuals, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford came together to sell cars that had been manufactured by Singer. They were initially based in Callow Street, London, and this served as a spot for servicing cars such as the Calthorpe vehicles. Martin, one of the founders usually raced special cars at Aston Hill, and this pushed the pair to decide to make their own cars. It didn’t take long before they made their own car; a car which was Martin created by placing a four-cylinder Coventry-Simplex engine in a 1908 Isotta Frashchini’s chassis.

Realizing that the business needed a bigger space, the duo moved to Kensington, and in the early months of 1915, they made their first car. However, the production was slowed down to the growing devastating effect of the World War 1. Due to Great Britain’s position in the war, and a need for combatants, both founders had to join a Defense arm. Lionel Martin made the decision to join the Admiralty, while his partner, Bamford chose the Army Service Corps.

After the war, the partners found another premises in Kensington, this time at Abingdon road where they manufactured a new car. Even though this seemed like the beginning of a great partnership, in 1920, Bamford moved on, and the company had to receive funding from Count Louis Zborowski to bounce back to its feet. Two years later, the company became a new force in the French Grand Prix as they produced a number of cars which competed in the competition. Fortunately, the car set world records, and that was the time the racing world and automobile industry knew that the Group was a force to be reckoned with.

In 1924, the company went bankrupt, and was sold to Dorothea, Lady Charnwood. In 1925 again, the company began experiencing fresh financial diffuculties, and it had to be sold again. After this sale, the name of the business was changed to Aston Martin Motors.

This wasn’t the end of financial woes for the compaany; another financial turbulence occurred in 1932, and the company’s finances had to be rescued by a certain Lance Prideaux Brune. This mantle was passed to a Sir Arthur Sutherland after a few years. In the year 1936, the company decided to put all their efforts into the creation of road cars. Before the second World war started, they were able to manufacture 700 road cars, but as soon as the war started, productions were affected and had to be halted.

The impact of David Brown cannot be ignored when discussing the history of Aston Martin, as it was his contributions, expansions and even leadership that propelled the Group into being what it is today. He was at the helm of affairs between the year 1947 and 1972, and it was during this time that he purchased the Lagonda brand, and this will set on to help the group design iconic cars in the world of racing and luxury.

In 1947, he imprinted his name into the nameplate of the brand, written as DB. The DB2 became the first car by the group to have the name plate of ‘DB’.

In more recent times, the company now has a value of approximately 5 billion pounds, and records a yearly pre-tax profit of at least £87 million. In 2018, the company made its plans to be floated as Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC.

In 2017, a car produced by Aston Martin in 1956, the 1956 Aston Martin DBR1/1 became the most expensive British car to be sold at auction. This car was sold at a mind-blowing price of $22.5 million US dollars. Also, the car had been driven by Stirling Miss, and Caroll Shelby.


Aston Martin currently has its headquarters in Gaydon, England and operates with an income of £5.4 million. This company is chaired by Lawrence Stroll, who is the executive manager, and Tobias Moers, the CEO.

Today, the company is interested in the creation of luxury cars which has become a national pride for the people of Great Britain. With over 100 years of experience in automotive excellence and design, it is no doubt that Aston Martin Lagonda Holdings PLC is good at what they do.

What does Lagonda mean in the PLC’s name? The Lagonda brand, which also dates back to 1904, aims to be a pioneer in the field of creating luxury car brands which are powered by zero emission powertrain technologies.

The term Lagonda came from the Lagonda Creek River which Wilbur Gunn named his company after in 1904. The innovative nature of its founder is what Aston Martin hopes to achieve in today’s world, to create solutions that are far ahead of other luxury car brands.

Asides being a racing and luxury car expert, Aston Martin Lagonda Holdings PLC is also a force in the world of engineering. A business of the group, the Aston Martin Consulting is an arm that offers the services of consultations to engineering brands. With over 100 years of experience, Aston Martin has placed itself in the place of a god, and it shows in the technological insights it shows its consultation clients such as sound engineering and NVH management, bonded aluminum structures, aerodynamics and so on.

The core idea of what this brand does is excellence, their hand-crafted cars beaming with beauty is the dream of every luxury car lover. Don’t forget they are the car brand responsible for a bulk of the cars driven by the beloved James Bond. Today, the Aston Martin Lagonda Holdings PLC has about 2,450 employees.

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