3 Lessons Learned From Matthew J Phillips

Recently, Matthew J Phillips the creator of The Organic Clients Program was interviewed by Yahoo Finance where he shared how he’s closing 4 figure clients weekly and changing the lives of coaches, consultants and mentors across the globe.

He’s 19 years old from South Wales, Cardiff, UK and his entrepreneurship journey started at the age of 16 years old. He was heavily into fitness and weight training and documented his progress on Instagram where he grew his personal brand within the fitness industry to 50,000+, all of this was done organically at a very rapid pace.

Everyone at school thought he was going to fail and laughed at him, but he knew that what he was doing was going to succeed. He started getting sponsorship opportunities with his endeavour, which made him realize even more that school wasn’t really for him, this was the life that he was going to lead, this was the life that he wanted.

Matthew decided to leave school and become a Qualified Personal Trainer to add more credibility to his brand on social media and become a self-employed trainer. His parents supported him every step of the way and even went ahead and purchased the course for him. Naturally, he passed the test with flying colours.

Soon after he transitioned from being a fitness coach to the one helping fitness coaches after discovering he enjoyed the marketing aspect more. He’s now 19 years old and has been featured and interviewed in several well-known media sources, has a fast-growing Facebook group, consistently makes 4 figures per week (sometimes per day) and has a rapidly growing audience.

We sat down with Matthew and talked about his journey, here are 3 lessons learned from him that all coaches, consultants and mentors need to hear:

Authority is a must

Matthew shared a story where he was hiring a new mentor for himself and asked if he could pay with a 2 payment plan. This was when he was first trying to climb the ladder within the industry. He didn’t see a problem with it but the response from his soon to be mentor was “No. We only take payment in full.” To say the least, Matthew was shocked. That was his rule so he paid him in full. It made him want to invest more because he knew he was the real deal and most definitely didn’t need his money. In Matthew’s mind, he was like a shiny object.  The point being, are you paying your clients, or are your clients paying you? If they’re paying you, it’s your way. Be authoritative and take control to achieve your desired outcome.

Remember The Goal

With all the distractions we have right now, COVID-19, work, relationships, family etc it’s very easy to lose sight of the goal, to lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Matthew said, that when you’re 19 years old and earning multiple four figures per week with low overhead, it’s easy to feel on top of the world. It’s easy to forget about your to-do list. It’s easy to throw on the good old Xbox. The same goes if you have children a full-time job etc.  It’s easy to get caught up in everything other than what we’re looking to achieve. Remembering the goal and having a deep-rooted motivation to continue to achieve and prosper is key. It’s the only way you will be successful within your market.

You won’t die if you charge more

Matthew says he should have been charging $1,000+ minimum for his help along time ago. He always hovered around the $500 range out of fear that making the leap to 4 figures would be too much and nobody would want to pay him.

What he found was, after upping his prices to match his true worth, closing became easier and the quality of persons he was working with increased. They implemented everything and were just an overall pleasure to work with. We fear that we may be rejected or your offer may not live up to the price. Let’s say it doesn’t live up to the price, is that a deal? Just give them some money back and adjust.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out what Matthew J Phillips is doing, you should!

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