Why use T700 carbon fiber to cut your drone frames?

What is carbon fiber? It is a polymer, also known as graphite fiber. This material is a perfect combination of strength and lightweight. Its properties tested under extreme conditions showed that it is five times stronger than steel and two times stiffer. Although it shows more strength and stiffness, it is lighter when compared to steel. Due to these useful characteristics and behaviors, it is widely used for making parts. That’s why many manufacturers and engineers prefer using this material for most of their designs and products. Carbon fiber can be as thin as a strand of hair, and it has woven together to get its strength. Other useful properties showed by this material are:

  • Stiffness
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Tensile strength

Now that we are familiar with carbon fibers let us now mention the name TORAY. TORAY is the largest manufacturer of carbon fibers. Products made with T series, M series, MJ series are a few that are highly proud of themselves, and they have captured significant positions in the market. We can find a large number of manufacturers using T series carbon fiber-like T300 and T700. But here we are going to focus mainly on T700 carbon fiber.

T700 carbon fiber

This is a standard modulus type of carbon fiber. T700 can is further divided into more examples. T700S and T700G. Let us dive into the details of these two.


This variation of T700 has the highest strength and standard modulus. They are used extensively in prepregging and winding filament. As for the applications! This material can be found in pressure vessels like natural gas vehicles’ storage tanks and SCBA breathing tanks.


Now this one can be called an enhanced version of T700S. As it shows more tensile modulus and adhesion properties when compared to the T700S. Hence use for large applications like in aircraft and sports goods where a superior composite, high performance, and demanding conditions are the requirements.

Should we explain some of its properties more briefly!

1.    Performance

Mentioning its tensile modulus., it has a modulus of 230Gpa. Its tensile strength is 4900Mpa, and the specific power is 3060Mpa.


Carbon fiber is mainly black, but it can have different body textures. For T700 dry spinning process results in a smooth surface.

Chemical elements

The main element is carbon, about 95.58%. It is highly stable at high temperatures and hence more preferred for parts designing that require high and intense conditions.

All of these discussions prove that it is instrumental and better than their counterparts. But it can be pricier. Although being pricy, manufacturers prefer using these as they provide better results when used in products.

These T700 carbon fiber materials can be used in manufacturing drone frames used in racing and sports. We make our models safe and robust, with the help of edge and surface treatment and import our material from Japan. Our workers manufacture all our sheets.

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