Top 5 People Who You Can Take At Their Word

Top 5 people who you can take at their word.  If you believe that statement, can I sell you Brooklyn Bridge?  Or how about convincing you that if you play just one game of SlotoCash casino that you will win the mega jackpot?

Trump and Twitter are curently at war, because Twitter now believe that it is in the public’s best interest for Twiter to provide their own commentary on Trump’s Twitter posts.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets.  Tweets can be 280 characters long, but the most common length of a tweet is 33 characters.  Historically, only 9% of tweets hit Twitter’s 140 character limit.  With the 280 character limit, only 1% of tweets hit that limit.  While only 12% of tweets hit the 140 character limit.

People use twitter for the posting of brief thoughts.

The main change of the expanded letter count is that users are no longer using text speak, and are actually writing out the full words.

But at the end of the day, Twitter posts are the poster’s thoughts.  Businesses do use Twitter for advertising, but for personal use, it is just a person’s thoughts.

Twitter posts allow comments and back and forth discussions on what was posted.

What is a blog?

A regular blog is a blog like WordPress. Blogs are definitely longer than Twitter posts.  It used to be that the average blog post was around 300 characters.  Long posts were considered to be around 900 characters.  

Blogs that did 3000 character posts generally posted less often, and blogs that did shorter posts posted more often.

There was a time when Google preferred short blog posts, then there was a time that Google preferred long blog posts.  But that is a different conversation.

Traditionally blogs represented somebody’s opinion.   Blog posts are generally written once, and usually, people do not modify them.

Companies may use blogs to post information or news between more formal publications.  

Some blogs act more like a news site than a blog.  Other blogs are definitely a person’s opinion.  Sometimes blogs will even be used as educational blogs.

But at the end of the day, a blog is considered a person’s opinion, but the posts are longer than a Tweet.

Blogs also allow comments and back and forth discussions on what was posted.

What is a Wiki?

Just like with blogging software, wiki software is not always used as a traditional wiki.  

Wiki software was originally designed for writing articles that a lot of people would contribute to, where historical copies can be kept, and the articles were intended to be expanded and modified over time.

Tweets and Blogs usually have only one author for a specific article. 

Tweets and Blogs are written once, and rarely modified, but sometimes with news items, when more information is learned, the article may be updated.

Some Wikis allow users to rate articles, and some do not.

Some Wikis allow users to comment on articles, and some do not.

Some Wikis have editorial staff, and some do not.

Who do you listen to?

That was the original question in the original title, “Top 5 people you can always take at their word”.  

The answer is that those 5 people do not exist.  I can list 5 people and can ask 5 other people to list 5 people, and realistically, we could end up with a list of 25 different names.  Yes, there may be some overlap, but realistically, there could be no overlap as well.

Was Twitter right to censor Trump’s Tweets?

My opinion, no.  It goes back to, “What is a Tweet?”.  The answer is a Tweet is a person’s thoughts that they want to share with the rest of the world.  In 2016, when Trump was asked why he Tweets, he said that he wanted to communicate with the American people without the filter of the media.

That is exactly what his Tweets are.  They are Trump’s thoughts, without any media filter, warts and all.  If that good?  Is that bad?  As Trump would tell you, that is for the reader to decide.

The Supreme court ruled that since Trump was a public figure and he was using his Twitter account for public relations, anybody had the right to comment on Trump’s posts.  It did not matter if you agreed and disagreed with Trump.  If anybody was given the right comment on Trump’s Twitter posts, everybody has the right to comment on Trump’s Twitter posts.

So if anybody disagrees with any of Trump’s Twitter posts, they are free to state those disagreements in the comments.  Their comments may get drowned out by other people’s comments, but that is the nature of Twitter post comments.

What is different about a Twitter warning on a Twitter post?

The warnings placed on Trump’s Twitter posts about mail-in ballots and even the riots where one person’s opinion (commentary) about Trump’s Twitter post.  Why is that person’s opinion on Trump’s Twitter post more important than everybody else opinion on Trump’s Twitter post?

Plus, by make the commentary “from Twitter”, it makes it sound as if it is official.  But it is not official.  It is just one person’s opinion.  And that person’s voice is no greater or less than any other person’s voice.

Just because that person is employed by Twitter does not make that person’s opinion any greater or less than a person who works at SlotoCash casino.  It is still just an opinion.

Something to think about

Did you ever watch the television show “The West Wing”?  The show stars Martin Sheen who plays Josiah “Jed” Bartlet, the President of the United States on the show.  During the 2016 presidential campaign, Martin Sheen did a TV commercial saying, “Don’t vote for Trump.  He is not a good President.   I know that he is not a good President, because I play a President on TV, so I know how a President should behave.”  I’m paraphrasing the commercial, but that is essentially what the commercial trying to say.

A person plays the character of a President on TV, so that person is now an “expert” on being President of the United States?  Right (sarcasm turned on).

That is like saying that everybody should listen to Alan Alda on the coronavirus, because Alan Alda played a doctor on the TV show M*A*S*H.  I do not even think that Alan Alda would agree with that statement.

So who should you listen to?

How about yourself?  As a friend once told me, “Each side will state their view, and the truth is somewhere in the middle.”  Follow that general advice and use your brain, and you will have the ability to separate out the BS vs reality.  And don’t listen to anybody who tries to do your thinking for you, because they are not doing you any favors.

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