The Other Look at Crisis: A Gift in Disguise

The first reaction to the crisis is, logically, a bit of panic. “After hitting the crisis, we asked ourselves how can we influence the situation or do something about it,” says Nick Grubisa from Slovenia, twelve-times best-selling author, a long-time researcher of the human psyche and one of the world’s leading experts on old esoteric teachings, “but not always. Sometimes we just freeze and wait. This is a ´deer in headlights reaction´ and it is natural as well.”

The interesting part, says Grubisa, is that the initial emotional state could be changed by itself. “This is usually happening with fear. When thinking about a potentially bad situation we can feel overwhelmed and stuck. A lot of times, we don’t do anything. Partially because of the paralyzing effect and partially because of our reluctancy. We still hope for some change without our intervention. Either we hope the situation will progress to better somehow or someone else will help us.”

One of the most interesting situations is the crisis. It is not a pleasant one but it carries hidden potential that we most often overlook. After the initial state, when we tried to influence the situation and act about whatever we could, we find ourselves in a hopeless state when the only thing we can do is – surrender and wait.

The crisis moves us into an altered state of consciousness

“This kind of state is very special. We literally move awareness–or beingness–into an altered state of consciousness. The result is directing our focus almost entirely to the area of crisis and everything else becomes somehow blurred. For example, if you experience a financial crisis, everything you can think about is money, debts, bills, and similar. Other minor challenges vanish in a heart bit,” explains the author.

“What we are not focused on at that moment represents a huge potential for growth. Namely, with assigning major importance to the financial area of our life, we literally pull energy back from other areas; like relationships, job and business, health… Said another way, by concentrating on one area of our life, we deliberately neglect all others. The consequence is these other areas lose a sense of importance. By diminishing importance, we see the situation differently; more loosely and more approachable.”

Here is when the magic begins, said Grubisa. If we can see some areas of our life being less important than we’ve seen them before, we will not be that much careful with decisions. We will not think that much what others will think, what consequences could our actions cause, how the act would influence our image, and similar.

The technique for dealing with the crisis

“This is exactly the situation we need to make a major decision. A lot of times, we unconsciously don’t want to pull the trigger because we are afraid of consequences. We don’t feel skilled enough to act, maybe worthy enough to ask, bad experience from the past hold us back before making a bold move, and so on.

“When we concentrate our consciousness on one area of our life–that one that is affected by the crisis–other areas become that much unimportant at that moment that we allow ourselves to act differently than before. We permit ourselves to make a move, without all that thinking what our performance would or could bring. We move through blockages and mental chatter that usually hold us back.”

The best-selling author revealed that this very technique can be the only one that can allow the person to change. “Many times, the bonds to the situation are simply too strong. Just thinking about the situation can evoke unpleasant feelings. And we don’t have a very effective tool to loose these bonds. Some techniques can help temporarily but the main problem is not in the performance per se. It is preparation.”

Not the technique but the environment

Grubisa is convinced that the initial state that forms an environment for change is the key. “Bring to mind one situation that is boggling you right now. Then imagine winning a lottery, having an amazing relationship with your spouse, friends, and coworkers that appreciate you, and having a youthful, healthy, and vibrant body. Let’s say this is your new framework. Now, imagine your problem again. Is feels differently. Not because of the ´technique´ but because of the framework. This is the seed of every effective solution. Changing frameworks–or, as I say, anchoring consciousness to the desired state–enables easy solutions without using fancy techniques. Or, put differently, when you change the energetic environment, literally every technique works.”

Nick Grubisa, often referred to as “a new Michael Gerber”, is also a founder of many psychological protocols and rituals that are based on ancient knowledge: “Happiness from Zero”, “The New Science of Stress”, “Pythagoras´ 13 Steps of Creation”, “5 Stages of Human Development”, “Entering the Golden Age”, “The Gift of Crisis”, and some others.  

He expresses that these protocols are not techniques but tools for changing the environment. Because of that, their applications are endless. For example, when a person uses a suitable protocol before performing his or her favorite technique, this winning combination can boost the results tremendously. “I can’t use multipliers for that equation,” Nick Grubisa confesses, “because how much is when you solve your life-long problem after you have tried everything else? Is it ten times better? Hundred times? It can’t t be defined that easily. But I saw some amazing transformations.”

Pythagoras’ secret teachings for business success

He also credits other people with his successes. “I didn’t figure out anything by myself. Wise sages told us all important stuff many centuries ago.” He is especially prone to teachings of great mathematician Pythagoras: “He was one of the most spiritually developed people at his time. He even had his Mystery School where he researched causes and consequences of life events. He was obsessed with finding building blocks of creation and how things unfold in nature. Actually, he is a real master of something that people would call today ´manifestation´ or ´law of attraction´. But he went way deeper than that. He figured out the correlation between so-called male and female energies, how to obtain natural flow or progress by mimicking forces of nature, the right order to perform activities, and much more. I am very lucky that I have his knowledge.” 

Nick Grubisa, who also worked with five national companies from the Top10 list, says the Pythagoras’ knowledge applies to business affairs as well. “I rely on his findings all the time. They allowed me to achieve some crazy successes for myself and my clients. For example, I landed my first book deal with one and the first phone call, contacting the boldest and best publishing house in the country. The same way I secured myself a partnership with the biggest marketing agency when I was a long-haired rock star. First call, one agency only.

“Not to mention that I was able to work as a model…writing, recording and performing songs as a guitar player…wrote my first book in a high school and got the first prize for it…helped many friends to win election campaigns and become mayors…even sold my painting. And I have no special talents for these. I am a terrible guitar player, for example.

“But I know how things work and how the human mind works. Besides, I created some even more mind-boggling achievements for my clients. Like, a simple postcard with a 180% response rate, sent out without warming up whatsoever. No direct mail before that, no emails, no calls. And this wasn’t some ´get free stuff´ postcard but a promotional one. People called back, ready to give money to the company. And many of them called more than once, that is why the response was more than 100%.”

The postcard with a 180% response, a course with a 99,03% success rate…and the “Systematic Manufacturing of Retrocausality” process

Today, Nick works for exclusive, long-term clients only. “I am a chief strategist for the 10-figure project. I am also a co-creator of the course with a 99,03% success rate and I mentor some key people from successful companies. Besides all, I research a lot. I moved ahead from consulting companies about money and success exclusively.

“Business is easy. Being happy and fulfilled, that’s the name of the game. Every prosperous businessman knows that. After hitting the big win, life doesn’t change that much. It spikes a bit but after some time you return to your so-called prevailing vibration, made of your beliefs, reality filters, memories, frustrations, hopes, and aspirations… So, now I am more focused on staying content in all kinds of situations that on any other thing.”

Nick’s program, based on his unique S.M.R. methodology (Systematic Manufacturing of Retrocausality), will be available for some exclusive clients later this year. “This is a program for real players who want more, on all levels. It will include everything I know about business and life. Building systems, management procedures, decision-making processes, creating strong foundations for more stability and easy scaling, strong branding and market positioning, and so much more.

A special opportunity for change-makers

“By the way, all these achievements will be done within the first four stages. The final, five stage will be all about happiness and inner state. This is a very intuitive approach, though. In the first four stages, the business owner should provide for him- or herself enough revenue to stabilize the business. After that, the real stuff begins.”

Nick Grubisa, who sold around a quarter of million books in Slovenia alone, including “one of three best books ever written on a subject on prosperity” (The Millionaire Mindset) and “book of the year – the queen of all books” (The Big, Ugly Crisis That Saved my Life), disclosed that his S.M.R-based mentoring won’t be cheap.

“It is my personal time involved. I will work with each business owner and will put as much effort into his or her business as I put into a billion-dollar-plus project I overlook. Taking this into consideration, the price is crazily affordable. Besides, I guarantee results. If your life and business won’t get measurable better, you don’t pay. But this is an offer for a few international customers only. I have no idea where life will lead me after that.”

Grubisa admits that he is also very picky regarding clients. “If I learned anything in my career–I worked with hundreds of businesses, from aspiring entrepreneurs to leading, flagship companies–it is that picking the right client is the most important part. With that said, I only take positive, resourceful, enthusiastic business owners with great, unique solutions that solve pressing problems. When I come to contact with such one business owner, it feels like coming home. With mutual respect and eagerness to create an amazing impact, it is more like meeting a long-time-no-see family member. For both of us. And I really looking forward to it.”

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