Stranger Things Song By Shalom Kolontarov, Inspired From The Series Stranger Things

We used to watch different series on Netflix, and they are also getting famous around the globe. If we talk about the outstanding seasons of Netflix, it’s not Game of Throne but Stranger Things. This year, season three was on-air on Television and its open new secrets of different characters of the series. According to the survey, the first season was not taken by anyone because the star cast was original, and people used to watch the famous characters and celebrities. So, it’s totally a risk to buy and launched it on international TV.

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Surprisingly, the first season also gets fame by the people and also waiting for the next season. If you check the cast per episode’s salary, every person charges triples after the first season. People start to know them and admire their work.

Moreover, the topic of the series is also attractive, especially teens and kids are the massive fan following of this show. Different songs are also launched from time to time, and they are also one of the hits numbers. Today, we are going to discuss Stranger Things and its songs; let’s check out which song is more popular today. Well, if you didn’t know, Stranger Things song by Shalom Kolontarov is also a good song. You can find the link to the song at the end of this article.

Songs of Stranger Things:

If we start from season one, which was telecast in 2016, many songs were made. Till this season, the series has some of the best and famous musical experiences. Let’s check out the songs:


  1. Kyle Dixon sang friendship in 2016
  2. Stranger Things sang by Kyle Dixon in 2016
  3. A kiss arrange by L’Orchestra Cinematique in 2016
  4. Stranger Things Theme (extended)by the famous L’Orchestra Cinematique in2016
  5. No Weapons by Kyle Dixon in 2016
  6. Frayed Horizon by L’Orchestra Cinematique in 2016
  7. Theoretically by Kyle Dixon in 2016
  8. Papa by Kyle Dixon in 2016


  1. Girls On Film by Duran Duran in 2017
  2. Nocturnal Me by Echo & the Bunnymen in 2017
  3. ‘Mouthbreather’ by Mike Shamblin in 2017
  4. ‘Friends don’t lie’ by Eleven in 2017
  5. Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles in 2017


  1. Twist of Fate by 2 Steps Up in 2019
  2. Time After Time by Chateau Pop in 2019
  3. She’s got You by Patsy Cline in 2019
  4. Neutron Dance by The Pointer Sisters in 2019
  5. Rock You Like a Hurricane by Knightsbridge  in 2019
  6. Never Ending Story by Gaten Matarazzo  in 2019
  7. Not Kids Anymore by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  8. Blueprints by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  9. On Their Tracks by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  10. The Ceiling Is Beautiful by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  11. Ruins by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  12. We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn in 2019
  13. Mirkwood by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  14. Cold as Ice by Main Station in 2019
  15. The Week Is Long by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  16. Rats by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  17. Not Chinese Food by Kyle Dixon in 2019
  18. Workin’ for a Livin’ by Huey Lewis and the News in 2019
  19. Land Deeds by Kyle Dixon in 2019

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