How to become popular on TikTok

The audience of the social network TikTok is breaking records. In a short time, the app made in China has soared to the 4th place in the number of downloads among all non-gaming apps. Many users want to earn as many likes and views on their videos as possible. There are some points that are worth paying attention to, and the content you create will have a huge demand.


  1. Creating a profile and creating content
  2. How to create a profile
  3. Secrets of popular content
  4. Ways to attract attention
  5. Displaying activity in a social network
  6. Creating a strategy for increasing page views
  7. Conclusion

Creating a profile and creating content

Attracting a lot of attention from users is impossible without a high-quality profile design and creating interesting content. To get TikTok followers, you need to make sure that updates are interesting to follow. To do this, you need to use all the features of the social network to achieve your goals. TikTok cheating will give a good result if the profile itself is of considerable interest. Therefore, some users prefer to buy TikTok likes and followers.

How to create a profile

Immediately after registration, you should perform a number of actions that will contribute to the growth of popularity. Filling in the profile is an important step. Users who are interested in videos usually want to learn more about their author. So, a beautiful profile is an additional incentive to follow.

You can increase the profile’s relevance by following these steps:

  1. come up with a nickname that is remembered the first time (preferably short);
  2. upload a beautiful photo for your avatar;
  3. write a little information about yourself, a few suggestions.

There may be certain difficulties with the nickname. A large number of people have already registered on the social network, and it is likely that the name you want will be taken. In this regard, it is worth showing great imagination.How to get followers on TikTok? You can attract users by getting followers to TikTok through the ALL-SMM service, but only a high-quality profile will help you keep them.

Secrets of popular content

Creating content on TikTok is extremely simple. The app has many features to make interesting videos, you can apply masks, add effects, and insert music. The following types of content are popular on the social network:

  • small humorous sketches;
  • participation in challenges (repetition of certain actions by the channel’s author);
  • co-creation (splitting the screen in half or recording reactions to videos).

Until now, videos where teenagers dance, make faces and imitate singing to popular music are in high demand. In order for such videos to gain popularity on your channel, you should choose the songs that your target audience likes to listen to.

The regularity of video output becomes important. Buy TikTok views and likes will help you get videos to the top, and they will be shown to a large number of users in the Recommendations section. This will lead to an even greater increase in the number of hearts. Here it is worth mentioning such a plus of TikTok as high engagement. With equal coverage in Instagram and TikTok, a post on TikTok collects 4 times more likes.

Ways to attract attention

Additional attraction of attention plays an important role for the growth of followers, account visits, views and likes. It is not necessary to limit the publication of the video, show more activity. Put likes to other users, communicate, follow. You can use popular hashtags and create your own tags that will make it easy to find your videos.

If you already have an audience in other social networks, this will help in terms of growing followers to TikTok. Leave a link to your profile and announcements about the publication of the video. You need to come up with something, create an intrigue, so that your friends will be happy to follow to you in this social network. High-quality content will be the best incentive.

Displaying activity in a social network

A number of actions can increase the popularity of a profile. By following to other authors, you can get a following from them in return. With proper perseverance, this can lead to a certain result, but do not limit yourself to this method.

Another way to attract attention is to actively comment on other people’s videos. Both the channel owner and its active users will notice this. A bright avatar and memorable nickname will make them go to your page and follow. You should come up with the wittiest statements that no one can pass by. Here it is important to maintain a balance, go to the person and create a conflict situation is not necessary.

Followers appreciate the feedback. Respond to all comments, thank you for likes and followings. Try not to leave any remarks unanswered, including those that are left for your comments on other people’s pages. Always keep a positive attitude and self-confidence. Rudeness can cause the audience to turn away from you.

Creating a strategy for increasing page views

When you expand your profile, you should pay attention to what brings the best results. If you write sparkling comments that leave no one indifferent, focus on this method of attracting attention. If users actively follow to you in response, follow. But do not forget the most important thing: the most important factor for the development of the channel is the availability of high-quality content in large quantities.

It is important to position yourself correctly. Positive and self-confidence become the qualities that are most highly valued in an entertainment social network.

When developing a strategy to promote your profile, pay attention to what kind of videos collect more likes. If you do not participate in the challenges, this is a significant omission, these videos are always of interest to users. Make sure that the production of high-quality content is always in the foreground. Without this, you will not be able to achieve success.


Promotion of an account on TikTok is not very difficult. As elsewhere, creating interesting content is at the forefront here. It is necessary to take into account the features of the platform, the emphasis is on humor and entertainment. Do not neglect any opportunities to attract attention.

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