Enrique Enn A Great Street Artist And A Social Media Influencer

Enrique Enn is known as a street artist professionally. He first lived in Venezuela. It is the country on South American Northen Coast. Enrique was born there and lived his childhood there, then after some time, he came to Miami with his sister and his best friend. He went to Miami when he was 18 years old in 2014.

But there is a lot in Venezuela for Enrique. As the talent has been in you since you are a child, same as for this guy. He started graffiti (the art on the wall) when he was young. Though it was illegal in Venezuela, kids do these things for fun. It shows the love for art in Enrique Enn. And people could know about a child by his habits, what is the potential of the child and what will he be doing in the future at his best. For Enrique it was art and he is still doing that.

Enrique Enn Started Art

Enrique Enn started doing art in 2010, and he made this his career for his whole life. Now he has been a professional Graphic Designer, and doing it as an illustrator, 3D Modeler, and Video Editor. His work is so exceptional and demands appreciation, and all this came into him because of his love for art from childhood. Enrique was doing Graffiti and now he made art his profession for life and showing people from many years that what he could do and most important thing is that he is a self-made artist. Still he thinks that he is learning more and more and becoming popular among artists.

About Graffiti

Graffiti is an art kids do these days in the streets and make different shapes. Be it the color, the font size or the frame into which the Graffiti needs to fit in, users can choose from amongst various options. It is very functional and comes with no malware. Creating unique logos is said to take just a few minutes with the Graffiti Maker available at the aforementioned website. Many people are even said to have used it for professional reasons. Since the output can be shared with family and friends over social media, it is an interesting option for software. Enrique Enn did this in his early age when he was 14, and we will tell you about his methods and how he utilized it.

How He Became A Great Artist

Enrique has been utilizing his Graffiti art well from the past few years. He started doing Graffiti on his own style on Canvas in 2016. Even J Balvin commented on his art. J Balvin is a singer from Colombia, and he is also an international artist. So, Enrique Enn felt a proud moment when a five times Billboard Latin, and four times Latin Grammy Award winner for music had commented on his work. Then he found his own style, mixing techniques such as screen print, acrylic paint, spray paint, Diamond dust and resin on canvas. And then the world has seen all his work. Now he even worked with Bad Bunny on his project Pa’ Ti and he himself became a brand and social media influencer now.

A big collaboration is coming soon in Wynwood, Miami doing his first exhibition. This time Enrique has been doing exotic cars and street art on his [email protected] and it shows a remarkable figure of Venezuelan Street art.

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