7 Houseplant Every Home Must Have

The love for gardening is hard to ignore. Almost everyone appreciates the scenic beauty around us, and plants add a soothing touch to the environment. Thus, all of us try to have as many plants and greenery around as possible to bring down our stress levels and add to the beauty of our home. Thus, we have listed seven such plants that would help you appreciate nature and add a soothing touch to your home.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant has a gorgeous texture with small leaves that makes it a perfect indoor plant. Thus, if you are looking for a plant for your table or to decorate your kitchen, the ZZ plant would be an ideal fit for your needs.

It is also one of the lowest maintenance plants hence, making it perfect for beginners. If you forget to water your plants on time, then you should opt for the ZZ plant without a second thought as it is quite tolerant and flexible when it comes to its watering frequency.

Snake Plant

Don’t let the name of this plant push you away from this gorgeous houseplant. The name comes from its upright leaves with green borders that resemble snakeskin. However, snake plants have been the first choice of many plant lovers worldwide when they are searching for the best indoor plants to beautify their homes.

Monstera Siltepecana

Monstera Siltepecana is an exciting plant because of the appearance of its leaves. The leaves of this plant have small holes, which makes it resemble swiss cheese. Thus, if you are looking for a trailing plant to decorate your interior or backyard, Siltepecana can be a perfect choice.

This plant can be watered once the soil appears dry and must be kept in bright indirect sunlight to boost its growth. However, you must be careful never to expose these plants to direct sunlight as it can burn its leaves and cause permanent damage to the plant. Thus, placing it by the window can be the best option.

Hoya Carnosa Rubra

This is another trailing plant to decorate your interior. Hoya Carnosa Rubra features two different shades of green in its leaves. The outer part of the leaves features a dark green color. Whereas, the inner part of the leaves features a lighter shade of green. This attractive color combination makes this plant the first choice for many new plant owners.

Like other indoor plants, Hoya Carnosa Rubra must also be kept in bright indirect sunlight and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Also, the plant must be watered once the soil appears to be dry. Overwatering can seriously damage the plant and may also hamper its growth. Furthermore, the Carnosa Rubra loves humidity; thus, it is advisable to mist the plant once a week to balance its humidity requirements.


Ficus are great indoor plants and also regarded as the best plants to decorate your office. Their striking appearance makes them a perfect fit for your home or office. They also come handy in purifying the air, thus, improving the overall air quality in their surroundings.

However, people with pets may want to avoid keeping this houseplant as your pets may experience diarrhea and vomiting if they chew on them.

Peace Lily

If you are looking for elegance and beauty in your next houseplant than peace lily is the best fit for you. Also, this plant is suitable for beginners due to its low-maintenance and flexible nature. When the plant requires water, it would indicate this through droopy leaves. However, once you give it the necessary amount of water, the leaves would perk back up.

If chewed or crushed, this plant could cause a burning sensation and skin irritation. Hence, if you have pets or children in your home who might have access to this plant, you might want to reconsider your decision.

Bamboo Palm

To add a tropical touch to your home, you might want to opt for bamboo palm. These plants require bright indirect sunlight. However, they can also do well in low light if watered adequately. Moreover, these plants love humidity like all other tropical plants. The perfect way to meet these needs is to place pebbles in the pot or container and keep them wet through watering or misting. This would ensure that the humidity levels around the plant remain high, which would boost its growth.

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