5 Exciting Trends Influencing the Vaping Industry in 2020

Like any industry in the world, the vaping scene is always evolving and changing with the prevailing market and consumer trends, and companies are constantly innovating their products, technologies, and marketing efforts in order to stay relevant and connect with the consumers on a deeper level. In other words, these are exciting times for every vaping aficionado and every brand in the field.

In 2020 and beyond, we are definitely going to see an exponential growth of the vaping market as more and more companies enter the playing field and more consumers enter the market. But what does that mean for the industry as a whole, its products, processes, and brands? Let’s explore these questions and take a deeper look at some of the exciting trends that are influencing the vaping industry in 2020.

Demand is increasing for new flavors

Like any amazing base product, a vaping device needs to evolve on numerous fronts in other to stay relevant and accommodate the needs of existing as well as new users. After all, the needs of the consumers are evolving on a continuous basis, and so one of the prevailing trends is that people are increasingly looking for new vape juice flavors.

Even though there have been fears of a vaping flavor ban in the US, there is no denying that there is a growing market for new and exciting vape flavors across the world – and manufacturers are taking notice. Distributors are getting ahead of the trend as well, and will continue to stock new flavors as they hit the market in order to maintain their competitive advantage and deliver quality products to their customers.

Brands are collaborating with celebrities

Marketing is a big driver of the vaping industry, and in 2020 and the years to come we will see many more celebrities endorsing vaping brands and spreading the word of the best products in the market. One of the best examples is the popular brand KandyPens that works with notable artists the likes of DJ Khaled and A$AP Rocky who endorse and support the vaping company through their social media presence and online superstardom in general.

These kinds of partnerships benefit vaping brands as well as established and up-and-coming artists to gain online exposure and take the vaping industry forward as a whole. Be sure to establish meaningful connections yourself if you are in the vaping industry in order to enhance your brand’s marketing efforts.

Vaping tech is becoming more sophisticated

There is no denying that every product in the vaping market is becoming more sophisticated with the new consumer trends, but also the technological advancements and a constant need for brands to innovate. This is why the evolution of vaping technology has been moving towards sleeker and more sophisticated products, but also ones that are more inconspicuous than their former iterations. Nowadays, users can enjoy easy-to-use vapes and smaller models, and novice users can choose starter kits that are perfect for getting you into the vaping game.

Modifying the vaping experience on the go

It should come as no surprise that companies are innovating with the consumer’s needs in mind, which is why nowadays vapes are becoming more modifiable and agile than ever before. In order to provide users with the best vaping experience possible, companies are making various modifications and modifiable vapes that you can easily optimize your exact liking, and create a product that fits your unique requirements. Personalization, it seems, has made its way into the vaping industry.

Vaping devices paired with smartphones

As you might have guessed, technology has weaved itself into every industry in the world, and vaping is no exception. In 2020 and beyond, we are going to see more and more companies integrating technology and IoT into their devices, allowing users to connect them with their smartphones and dedicated apps.

In turn, this enhances the user’s experience, and brings numerous other benefits to the table while helping create a thriving community. What’s more, certain tech integrations such as geo-fencing will prevent vaping devices from being activated on school grounds and in other places where vaping is prohibited, helping users uphold the law and keep their community safe.

Wrapping up

The vaping industry is on the rise, and as it becomes more competitive and saturated, companies are quickly realizing the need to evolve and innovate their products and services. These trends are going to shape the vaping industry in the years to come, so be sure to capitalize on them as quickly as possible.

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