Why Blogging in 2020 Needs Harder Work

Are you thinking about starting a blog in 2020? Anybody can start a blog, but very few bloggers are earning a decent income from it. Many bloggers claim to be making thousands of dollars, and they have income reports to back their claim. However, most of them are not entirely honest about how long it took them to make that kind of money or how much they spent to earn it. Others will also post reports that include income from other sources apart from blogging. 

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, no matter how much bloggers with flashy income reports will try to convince you otherwise. Earning an income from blogging has especially become hard in recent years. But why does blogging in 2020 need harder work?


Blogging has come a long way since it became a thing in the early 2000s.  There were only around 23 blogs on the internet in 1999. Compare that to the over 500 million blogs today. Competition has gone through the roof. With so many bloggers competing for the same audience, you must work hard to stand out. Here are a few tips you can use:

Find a niche market 

You will have a better chance of acquiring consistent readers if your content focuses on a specific subject. Choose a profitable niche that’s not over-populated. But don’t go for profitability alone. Remember, blogging is a long-term commitment, so find a subject or topic that you are passionate about.

Provide value to your audience

If you want more people to visit your blog, be ready to provide value. That means creating relevant content that readers will appreciate and even share to friends and family on social media. You can create content that answers common queries or teaches your readers how to solve common problems. Ensure your articles are both informative and engaging.

Know your audience’ needs

You can find out your readers’ needs by scouting for commonly asked questions in popular online forums or social media sites such as Facebook. Putting yourself in your reader’s shoes will help you see things from their perspective and help you create content tailored to their specific needs.

Demand for Original, High-Quality Content

The days when keyword stuffing and underhand backlink building methods would make your site rank higher on search engines are long gone. The search engines have become ‘smarter’ with time.

You will have a harder time in 2020 if you’re going to rely on poor unoriginal content. High-quality content is essential to SEO. When readers find value in your content, they are likely to engage more and share it to friends on social media. Google will interpret such actions as social validation. Your site will get a higher ranking as a result.

Producing quality content is also a great way to acquire genuine backlinks. Other blogs will link to your site if they spot value. Google will also interpret that as social validation and rank your website higher. 

But is creating great content enough in 2020? Not even close. If you want your site to stand out amid much competition, you must learn the art of content diversification. It is not just what you say but also how you say it that matters in the blogging world.

Are you churning out the same type of posts every time and expecting different results? Diversify your content by using these few tips:

Long-form content

The Google algorithm favors longer posts. In-depth discussion posts and comprehensive how-to guides that are over +2000 words long will attract higher rankings.

Visual content

Successful marketers have discovered the power of visual content and are already reaping benefits. About 32% of internet marketers claim visual images are the most critical form of content for their online business. Blogging plays second fiddle at 27%.

Don’t be left behind. Spice up your written content with infographics and videos. Contrary to a common belief, you don’t need high-level skills in video shooting or image design to leverage visual content. On the other hand, don’t expect to make an impact with a generic $5 stock photo.

Guest posts

Guest blogging presents several advantages to your blog and your audience. It creates more exposure for your blog. It attracts new readers and useful backlinks that will positively contribute to your site’s ranking. It will also provide your readers with alternative voices and create more opportunities for future collaborations and networking.

The need for Content Promotion

Let’s face it; your blog needs a lot of traffic to make money. If you’re only relying on organic traffic from search engines in 2020, chances are you won’t earn a decent income from your blog. Content promotion is essential for any aspiring blogger, but it will cost you both time and money. There are many strategies to help get your content out there, including email marketing and targeted paid ads, but you can’t afford to ignore the power of social media in 2020. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other related sites such as Quora and Reddit is where most people hang around online.

If you’re blogging for fun and don’t necessarily need a broad audience, you can ignore these platforms. But if you’re serious about making money through your blog, you must promote your content on social media. In order to promote affiliate products on social media, you can learn Facebook Ad marketing method with #1 Top Clickbank affiliate marketer named Robby Blanchard in his Commission Hero online course.

The following tips and tricks can help you spice up your social media campaigns:

  • Share user-generated content from your readers – consumers are likely to trust content more if it comes from the average person.
  • Hold contests and giveaways –It will help you engage your readers more and help grow your audience.
  • Use more emojis – Using emojis will make your content more relatable, especially with millennials. They are a great way to engage your audience while having fun at the same time.
  • Include social share buttons – They will make it easier for your readers to share content and, consequently, increase traffic to your blog.

Example Blog with Good Content in Financial Niche

MyTradingTools.com is one of thousands of successful blogs in Financial Market niche. This blog was created to help Forex traders worldwide in choosing the right trading tool. With solid product reviews inside the blog, the readers get a complete guide to define whether a trading software worth to buy or not.

In Summary

Blogging in 2020 needs harder work. Advancement in technology has made it easier for anyone to start and run a blog. With so many aspiring bloggers joining the industry, competition has increased, and it is becoming harder to stand out.

If you want to succeed as a blogger in 2020, ensure you understand your audience’s needs and create high-quality content geared to addressing these needs. Remember to diversify your content and don’t forget to leverage on social media for content promotion.

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