Blacc Cuzz Newest Single “Commonwealth,” Tells You How He Loves His Wealth

If one thing is for sure it is that Blacc Cuzz truly does love his wealth. In his newest and dopest hit single “Commonwealth” he tells what it took to get it. Blacc Cuzz is no stranger to life in the hood and has been slinging bricks and driving a beamer since he was 16 years old. He has seen violence, death, and prison while dealing drugs on the tough streets of Pittsburgh, PA. Most of his experiences would break many lesser men and send them running for the hills. Not Blacc Cuzz, not only did he face these trials and tribulations with the strength of a true warrior, but he also used them to create some impressive rap beats. In every rap that he drops the truth of his past experiences adds an authenticity that has been failing in the industry lately. Blacc Cuzz’s lyrics are not watered down or spoken by some phony gangster, he is as true to life as you can get.

Blacc Cuzz has said, “I wanna be known as the new voice of the streets,” and he brings his hard-won experiences of life on the streets into his music. These can be a cautionary tale about who to trust like his last hit single “Turn On Me.” It detailed his experience selling drugs with someone he thought he could trust with his life. Turns out that even your closest friends can turn into a rat and snitch you out to the authorities. Despite being locked up Blacc Cuzz never gave up and believed in himself. In “Commonwealth” he states he is “the only topic don’t feel nobody else” showing that sticking to the hustle and caring for no one but yourself is the road to riches.

Real Life Gangster

Blacc Cuzz draws upon his real-life for inspiration in all of his rap hits. Every single released by Blacc is a window into his life before the music. He has been there and done that when it comes to the hustle and grind in the streets. Drug dealing, death, and prison were constant companions while he was growing up on the mean streets of Pittsburgh. He artfully crafts these experiences into music that is riddled with hard-hitting trap beats and unflinching lyrics about the pain of street life. If you have been losing faith in the rap industry that has been watered down by counterfeit rappers then check out Blacc Cuzz. His true to life beats have been winning fans over since he entered the fray in 2018.

Commonwealth” is just the newest hit in a long string of singles that have been taking trap rap by force. His other hits such as “All On Me,” “I’m Rich,” “Thug Cry,” and “Turn On Me,” have won over the hearts and minds of many rap fans. Blacc Cuzz is restoring the authenticity of the rap industry one hit at a time. Check out “Commonwealth” and be ready to feed your hustle with the inspiration of a fellow hustler.

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