Question Of The Week: Weird Quotes We’ll Always Remember

There are many iconic pop culture quotes. “I think we need a bigger boat.” “You had me at hello.” “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” If you’re a Simpsons fan there are surely dozens, maybe even hundreds, of quotes floating around in your brain. They are indelible. Do you ever have the experience of something happening and it reminds you of a quote? Like every time? You probably do. It’s just reflexive memory. Is it ever a really weird, out of left field quote though? It’s not an iconic line. It may come from some obscure piece of media. And yet, it’s burned into your brain. You hear something, and it triggers a quote in your brain. You maybe even say it to yourself, possibly every time. That’s my question for the week: What are the weird quotes seared into your memory?

I have two of them. One came up quite a bit over the weekend. I was watching some old Columbo episodes, as is my want, and in one of them Ruth Gordon, a great actress and successful writer, was playing the killer. Every time I see Ruth Gordon, or hear her name, it immediately puts a quote from Futurama into my brain. Fry is trying to remember something from the past that no longer exists. He says something along the lines of “It was super popular…Ruth Gordon had one…the wheel!” Yes, when Fry is trying to remember what a wheel is, his memory including Ruth Gordon having one. It’s a hilarious joke, and since then, every time Ruth Gordon comes up I think, or say, to myself: “Ruth Gordon had one…the wheel!” Watching that Columbo episode I probably made that joke to myself five or six times.

Futurama: “Godfellas”/“Future Stock”

Here’s a much more common one for me, but an even more obscure reference. Amy Poehler is a superstar now, but she’s been on my radar since the Upright Citizen Brigade had a sketch show on Comedy Central. It was uneven, but all in all good. There is one sketch that I won’t really go into detail on because it’s weird and convoluted. What matters is that Poehler plays a girl who is “colorblind,” but she clearly has some other issues, in terms of mental cognition and otherwise. At one point she says “I like cake, how ‘bout it?” in a very distinct cadence. Since then, and this was like 20 years ago, literally basically every time I hear somebody say “how ‘bout…” I think to myself “I like cake, how ‘bout it?” Needless to say, that happens all the time.

Those are a couple of the weird quotes forever burned into my brain. How ‘bout you? (I like cake, how ‘bout it?)

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