How Long Does SEO Take Before You Can See Tangible Results?

Whenever people get into the digital arena of SEO, they often think that it is something they will work on, and in no time, they’ll start appearing on the first page of search engine results. However, that is the furthest thing from the truth. SEO, by its very nature, is a very competitive field. The numbers show that people in the U.S. will spend up to $79.3 billion as of 2020. Because there are possibly millions of websites that are focused on the same niche you are, it will take time before you start seeing any results.

To put it into perspective, SEO should be treated like a marathon instead of a sprint. That means working on your website and optimizing it a month in and out. Because the process takes time and patience, most people give up just when persevering a little longer would have given them the results they want.

How soon until I get to see results?

Since we live in a society that has gotten used to immediate gratification, not many people have what it takes to grow your site traffic organically via SEO. Even the most intricate and sophisticated SEO campaigns take time to yield tangible results. While some unscrupulous online marketers and SEO consultants in Jacksonville and Gainesville will get you excited about ranking high in a short time, you should know the truth.

Even though you have dotted all the “I’s” and crossed the “ts,” results start being evident at the 5th to 6th month in operation. However, that number is often predicated upon a few things. They include:

The website’s age

The age of the prospective website is quite crucial in determining how long an SEO campaign will take to show some results. A new website has a clean slate. No records of being on Google’s good or bad side can be an advantage or disadvantage. Typically, it takes search engines a few months for them to index a new website.

To speed this process, you can get links from high authority websites. What we are doing here is increasing your legitimacy, which can mean faster indexing and better numbers as the campaign starts to take hold. If you are a well-established website, your campaigns should yield fruits faster.

Your past with Google

Every page Google’s bots come across is given a score that shows how trustworthy and reliable it is. Better known as TrustRank, this particular rating is a huge determinant of how high and fast your site will climb the rankings for specific keywords. The higher the score, the more valuable your website has to the search engine, and the more effective your SEO campaigns in Jacksonville and Gainesville will take.

You can increase your trust score by providing authentic pieces that give your readers value, increase your inbound links from outside sources, and make sure you don’t serve up duplicate content. Once your website is found to have plagiarized material from other sources, this score takes a dip. Rebuilding this score can be problematic, so it’s better to remain on the right side of the search engines.

Hosting problems, errors, and penalties

Search engines, especially Google, don’t take kindly to people bending or even breaking their rules. When websites try and game the algorithm for better ranking, they ultimately face penalties that could take months to recover from. Websites that get backlinks from spammy sites and are stuffed with keywords are looked down upon.  They are viewed as misleading and providing no substance to the users.

If your website is also facing issues such as unreliable hosting errors, 301 redirects, broken links, and inconsistent optimization, your SEO Jacksonville and SEO Gainesville campaigns will not bring about the results you want. The good news, however, is that once these errors are fixed, you will see positive results in as little as four weeks.

Your keywords

Keywords are essential for any webpage to rank correctly on Google’s SERPs. However, unlike years past, the nature of keywords has changed. Unlike the days where people used three or four words to search for things online, today, long-tail searches are providing better results. That’s because people are using more natural language when doing their searches.

A website that leverages these forms of keywords today is likely to rank better and faster than those who are using the shorter ones. Today, focusing on a small number of generic words won’t give you the desired effects.


The truth is that no one can be able to tell you how long it will take for your pages to rank well on the result pages. However, this doesn’t mean that your efforts are lost. According to Google themselves, you need to be prepared to wait as much as a year before your page can get to where you need. It’s essential that you also measure your progress from day one. These metrics will assist you to know what is working and what is not.

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