WOWOW Matte Black Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Water that we drink and use for cooking flows through a kitchen tap. The choice of material also influences health and needs to be carefully selected. The vast majority of kitchen fittings are made of harmless stainless steel. When choosing the kitchen fittings, pay attention to the materials used. Inferior models can give lead and nickel to the drinking water and thus endanger health. There is no risk if the spout and battery are made of stainless steel or completely nickel-plated brass. Beware of bargains – brand fittings and showers made of high-quality components have their price. You have to buy Black Kitchen Faucet which is perfect for your home.

If you need a kitchen tap for high pressure or low pressure depends on the type of water supply. With a central hot water supply or an instantaneous water heater, you have two connections (cold and hot water supply). In this case, a kitchen faucet for high pressure is required, which mixes the water directly inside the kitchen faucet.

Kitchen fittings for high pressure are the standard in the world. However, if you have a hot water tank or boiler, you need a kitchen tap for low pressure. With a low-pressure fitting, light dripping is quite normal. Warm water expands. In the result, the pressure rises and a small amount of water flows out through the tap.

With the single-lever mixers, you save the fine adjustment on the cold water inlet on one side and the hot water inlet on the other side. The desired temperature for the tap in the kitchen can be set with a handle this saves water and energy. The kitchen tap is equipped with a high and long shaft, you can reach every corner with it. Many models match the colour of the sink or worktop.

A retractable kitchen fitting looks tidy and saves space. For example, if the sink is placed in front of an inward opening window, the lower able spouts offer a practical solution. In addition to the retractable models, there are also removable taps that visually disappear nicely for purists who like free spaces in the kitchen.

Materials such as stainless steel and chrome are sensitive to cleaning agents. If the surface is attacked too strongly, it will become dull or scratched. Colored or gold-plated kitchen taps need particularly gentle care. Scouring pads and microfiber cloths can damage the surface. It is best to clean the faucet and shower with a cotton cloth and citric acid cleaner and then rinse the surface with clear water.

Do not use acids, chlorine bleach or phosphorus-containing cleaners. Chrome kitchen fittings are particularly sensitive to this. If the chrome-plated layer is attacked too strongly, the brass may appear underneath and there will be corrosion damage. Never spray the cleaner directly onto the kitchen tap. Because the spray gets into the finest groove and attacks the material there.

Clean the kitchen tap regularly so that it does not scale. The best way to remove calcifications is with light acid. But be careful if the cleaner contains too much acid, the surface of the tap will be attacked.

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