What is the procedure of child custody?

Looking after a child is a difficult task as it involves constant care and responsibility. Parents need to look after their child with great caution because if they neglect their child, this situation can adversely affect their child’s social life. We all are familiar with the events that occur when it comes to divorce. A divorce causes parents to split up as they don’t want to live together, and it also causes adverse effects on their child’s life. During the whole procedure of divorce, the issue where child custody is involved, is the most sensitive event and is handled with great care.

The best interest of a child has due importance while making a decision regarding which parent will look after the child. We all know that every parent wants to spend much time on their life with their child, but this emotional event, i.e., divorce, hampers their wish. So, moat laws say that each parent will spend equal time with their child so that the parents are satisfied with the decision, and their child also doesn’t feel that his parents neglect him.

Types of child’s custody:

Well, there are two types of child’s custody,

  1. Legal custody
  2. Residential custody

Both of the custody is entirely different, and they are not given to each parent. Instead, they are divided between both parents. Legal custody is related to a child’s education, religion, health, and social life. In contrast, residential care relates to the schedule, which binds both parents to spend equally with their children. The parent with whom the child spends more nights is the parent with prime residential custody right.

Financial support of the child:

When the issue of a child’s custody arises, one of the parents must pay for their child’s financial charges. Mostly it has observed that the non-prime custody parent pays for the child’s expenses and supports the prime- custody parent. Mostly the parent with sound financial position or higher income is regarded as the non-custody parent.

Moving out of the state:

Sometimes, any extreme situation causes the parents to move out of the state. In case when that parent has custody of the child, then he or she has to follow the terms and conditions of the custody agreement. If the agreement restraints the parent to go abroad along with the child, but he still goes out, then he is violating the agreement. The conditions of custody agreement are according to the parents’ consent, and if they want some amendments in these conditions, they can contact their child custody attorney.

Covid-19 situation and child’s custody:

Nowadays, when COVID-19 has declared pandemic, many changes have observed in every chore of life. Believe it or not, this situation has also affected the child’s custody agreements. Parents are now in a complicated case about how to handle this situation. You will be observing different conditions regarding the child’s custody. Maybe your child is living at a place where he is at risk of getting infected, or perhaps the parent is using COVID-19 as an excuse and ignoring the custodial agreement. In any situation, you can get help from your attorney.

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