Top Celebrities with Massive User Followings on Instagram

For influencer marketing, Instagram is definitely the perfect place to be in 2020. It remains the most influential app on the Internet.  With real followers on Instagram, you can make a lot of money. If you have millions of followers on Instagram, it clearly indicates that you are famous and popular, and, therefore, a social media influencer. The millions of followers can make one an ambassador of many brands. Advertisers look for such people to help them advertise their brands. As an Instagram celebrity, you can set up promo tools especially for your account.

Instagram usage has been growing tremendously over the years. In June 2018, its usage surpassed one billion daily users. It is now approaching 2 billion. In this post, we have listed the top most Instagram influencers to watch in 2020.

Without much ado, here are the 7 celebrities with the highest number of followers in their Instagram accounts.

Christiano Ronaldo – More than 201 million followers

Famous for being an exceptional internal football star, Christiano Ronaldo is currently the most followed human being on Instagram. Captain for his national Portuguese team and forward for the famous Italian football club Juventus, he is not only among the best footballers in the world, but also has millions of loyal followers on Instagram.

With more than 201 million followers, this professional footballer is the first human to have 200 million people following him on Instagram. His feed has lots of photos of him in the field playing, plenty of family shots, and photos of him having a good time and enjoying himself. As a professional and a celebrity, he has been winning sponsorship deals for substantial prices due to his huge followers.   If you are his fan and you would want to see his feeds, just follow him on @cristiano.

Ariana Grande – More than 173 million followers

Ariana Grande is no doubt a global super star. She has risen in the music industry to become one of the most popular and famous musicians in the world. With more than 173 million followers, Ariana Grande is the most followed musician on Instagram. She is also the most followed female human being on Instagram, and is also known for popular memes and music quotes that have been making their way around the internet.

Ariana’s feed is full of shots of her meeting other superstars, performing, and your overall interpretations of enjoying the best things in life that money can buy. If you love her music and personality, or you just want to keep track of what goes on in her life, you can be one of her followers on @arianagrande.

Dwayne Jonson (The Rock) – More than 170m followers

Dwayne Jonson, also known as The Rock, is the first wrestler to reach 170 million followers on Instagram. Super star of the World Wrestling Federation and now one of the most famous and popular actors in the world The Rock, who has acted in at least 300 movies, takes the fourth place and he is the only wrestler in this list.

His feed doesn’t have any surprises. There are plenty of posts about his own family, shots of him working out, and lots of pictures from filming. His official Instagram account is @therock.

Selena Gomez – More than 167 million followers

If you want to look amazing even when you are going through the hardest time of your live, then you should subscribe to @selenagomez, which is Selena Gomez’s Instagram account. She became famous as an actress, singer, author and composer of music when she was only 24.

Selena Gomez became very busy in 2002 as she starred in several films, gave concerts and recorded albums. The working rhythm impacted her health negatively and in 2014, the rising star was found with lupus. Despite this terrible disease, the photos that Selena Gomez posted on her Instagram were even hotter and she became even more popular.

Her feed is full of selfies, pictures of herself at various events, shots of her friends, and some few posts about politics that concern women’s rights.

Kylie Jenner – More than 161 million followers

Kylie Jenner is a popular American model who also participates in the “Kardashian Family” reality show. She is one of the larger Jenner-Kardashian clan. Actually, she is Kendall Jenner’s sister and half-sister to Khole Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, and Rob Kardashian. Even though she currently closes the top 5 Instagram star list, Kylie Jenner had held the first position.

Her account mainly focuses on her personal and work life, with plenty of herself and pictures with her partner. You can catch her on Instagram on @kyliejenner. In 2017, she featured in the list of top 100 Forbes Celebrity list.

Kim Kardashian – More than 159 million followers

Kim Kardashian is arguably the most popular of the Kardashian family. She remains one of the world’s biggest social media influencers of all times. Her Instagram account – @kimkardashian – has lots of photos from her the events and modeling she performs besides old family photos and so on.

Lionel Messi – More than 142 million followers

Lonel Messi is the second soccer player in the list of the celebrities with the highest number of followers on Instagram after Christiano Ronaldo.  He is the current captain of the famous Barcelona Football Club. He also plays in the Argentina national football team.

What is in his feed is exactly what you would expect from one of the best soccer players the world has ever known: photos of him training and playing, shots depicting his personal life away from the soccer field, and shots of him attending other events. You can subscribe to his account at @leomessi.

How to Grow a Massive Instagram Following Like Top Celebrities

While many of the names on this list are extremely successful and well known, it doesn’t mean that you need to be a celebrity to get famous on social media.

Instead, it’s all about starting from scratch and knowing how to scale your brand and profile over time. This is often best accomplished by coming up with amazing content and providing the best user experience possible.

If you want to get started with an online brand of your own, be sure to run through each of the high profile accounts above and see what type of content they are creating. Then, start coming up with unique content and value that can be provided to your own unique audience.

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