Talented & Young Entrepreneur Bardia Zadeh Has A Unique Story of Success to Tell! Here’s What

A man of many talents and skills, with a strong foothold in his culture, a native of Iran based in United States since 2009, Bardia EsmaeilZadeh, is definitely a unique story of success!

Bardia EsmaeilZadeh, shortly known as Bardia Zadeh has had the most unique journey of success from an actor to an entrepreneur, courtesy of being a man of many talents. From having a background in computer science and currently studying in Kennesaw State University, this 23-yr-old has managed to tread the ‘path less chosen’ successfully, courtesy of his determination, focus and dynamic creativity!

Bardia Zadeh shifted from being an actor as a profession to entrepreneurship when he started out his own company called Micrer, in 2014. For now, acting has become more of a passion than a 24/7 job profile for this Iranian who’s done quite the American, Iranian movies in his youth.

Focusing on his company completely, which is based on manufacturing high quality 3D printers that work with foolproof accuracy. Talking about how the idea popped up, he said, “I completely redesigned and created a new kind of 3D printer that was able to print in large sizes while keeping the high precision. I sold many units all around Atlanta GA and to universities.”

All this and there’s yet some more, Bardia is certified in SolidWorks, he offers from CAD services to expertise in areas such as 3D scanning, designing and 3D printing as well. Moreover, the man has a good foothold even in the fields of CNC machining, Laser-Cutting, and Engraving too. Now, that definitely sets Zadeh world apart from the regular entrepreneurs of this era!

However, that’s not at all the end! In 2017, Bardia started a marketing company named TechoMarket with his close friend, and now a partner named Arad Ghodrati. This one focusing on marketing as well as creating intelligent strategies for clients, so as to provide them with world-class services to connect them to the world outside!

Becoming a director manager and CEO, at an age so young, Bardia makes you question why we ever thought that one life’s never enough to learn it all! Hence, what you’ll read next, might get you inspired to achieve more! After all, skilled in a variety of fields, Bardia has even made his name in social media marketing circles. Here’s how;

A line of venture led him to become a complete professional in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, and Final Cut Pro, learning these new software as and when his projects required. While being a seeker of knowledge, he is also tech-savvy, making sure his clients and artists have the bests of what the worlds have to offer! You can visit Bardia’s website at www.BardiaZadeh.com

On being asked what makes him seek knowledge on such various subjects, Bardia Zadeh expressed, ” I have always loved the idea of learning, absorbing knowledge and understanding to put them in practical skills. It has been a touch of luck, but a whole lot of determination, dedication to each facet of my life while also a lot of smart choices that have led me to become what I am today!”

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