Kitchen Designing: The Best and Worst Trends Of the 21st Century

In every household, there is always someone working in the kitchen, and the kitchen is one of the most active and most visited rooms in the house. Kitchen renovations are one of the coolest and worthwhile activities you can do, and results are always better when done correctly.

The worst thing you can get is getting your kitchen mismatched with the current trends. Fortunately, there are proper trends that would stay relevant for years as well as red flags for bad designs. Take a look at the best and worst trends of kitchen designing that resurfaced in the 21st Century.

The Best

“Kitchens sell houses,” and as a fact, kitchens do sell houses. A kitchen with proper design, functionality, and condition will raise the value of your estate, and to achieve this, we have to follow long-lasting trends that would stay relevant over the years.

Think of this way: when designing a kitchen, it’s important to consider its function, space, and appeal to homeowners.

Color in Kitchens

Do not underestimate the power of color in a kitchen. Variations of color in a kitchen encourage a safe and functional environment for cooking and socialization, and a long-standing trend of color variation is the two-tone cabinetry.

Classic examples are the contradicting colors of black cabinetry adorned with white countertops and flooring as well as pastel variations like bright pastel shades for cabinets, gorgeous white tile, and countertops adorned with yellow or gold accents. You might as well break it up with natural wood material.

Alternatively, nothing beats a classic all-white color palette for the kitchen, and it bears so much relevance that it stays a proper trend for a long time, making cleaning easier.

Quartz Material for Kitchen Countertops

Wood, granite, and steel countertops offer the same function as a kitchen countertop, but when it comes to quality and toughness, quartz is the go-to material. Quartz is deemed as the most hardened countertop material, able to resist burns, chips, and scratches.

And since quartz countertops are a thick mixture of crushed quartz and resin, manufacturers can experiment with different colors and themes, with some even looking like real granite. Using a kitchen island made of quartz material is a safe option and would likely blend regardless of your overall theme. Plus, it is easy to maintain and clean.

Concealed Interior Storages

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Keeping kitchen items hidden has slowly become a trend this year, although they have existed before. A fully stocked kitchen could be a visual mess. We don’t necessarily want to showcase everything, so it is no surprise that we have options for discreet storage.

Discreet storage appliances often feature multi-purpose functions with pull-out drawers, sliding doors, and a hidden station. This effectively avoids cluttering kitchenwares and better organization opportunities for a clean and visually pleasing kitchen setting,

Living Kitchens

Nature lovers and plant enthusiasts would often put plants in their living rooms to achieve calmness and serenity, but why not do it in the kitchen? Adding natural elements goes well to almost every theme and trend of the year. You could either install a herb box on your kitchen island or have a  garden window made.

You can plant low-maintenance vegetables as ingredients you can use when cooking and always make meals made out of fresh ingredients.

The Worst

Not everything blends well in a home. Some themes apply to one setting, and some not good at all.  The home renovating industry has seen specific trends for kitchens that were either out of style or a recipe for a visual mess.

Hanging Pot and Cooking Racks

Do you see those pots and kitchenware racks installed at the top of the kitchen islands? Those are irrelevant in today’s trends. One thing is that with the rise of being neat and organized, pots and pans are stashed in drawers and discreet containers, as well as considering safety risks in case of a falling pot.

Kitchen Desk

Kitchen desks were a trend last decade, and it may seem logical since most work is done in the kitchen. But since it’s 2020, kitchen desks are irrelevant and should be placed anywhere but your kitchen.

Besides, cluttered paper and other materials are an eyesore in a kitchen setting, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Incorporating stainless steel on your kitchens was a huge trend before since stainless steel is durable, easy to clean, and disinfect. However, stainless steel became overused and overhyped too much that incorporating an all stainless steel kitchen may not be the best option.

Take a tone down from going all stainless steel, and instead, experiment with different materials for comfort. There’s no need to install a kitchen that looks cliched.

Expert Consultation is Important

This article serves as a general guide for kitchen enthusiasts and first-time renovators. However, it is still preferable to ask for a consultation from an expert. Famous kitchen brands, such as Miele, offer top-notch appliances and kitchenware concerning the current trends, especially in Miele Brisbane, where they offer phone consultation and various services for kitchen renovation.


Home kitchens are always the highlight and the most significant investment you will ever make. Regardless of the design and theme that you’re going for, remember that a fitted kitchen is organized, effective, and safe for everyone.

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