Four Steps To Fundraise For Charities With Instagram Live Donation

Amid the coronavirus chaos, Instagram has come up with an appreciatable feature of creating and donating to fundraisers for non-profit. All money raised from the live donation will go to the charities – Instagram will not making any sort of cut from donations.

 It is indeed an excellent step and we should participate in this good cause to help the people in need. The guide will run you through the steps required to start the fundraiser for charities. 

How can I use the Instagram live donation 

 Instagram has been striving hard to find possible methods to bring communities together to raise much-needed funds. Fortunately enough, it has become now possible with an Instagram live donation that enables you to choose a non-profit or charity to donate to. If you want to be a part of this ‘good cause’ simply follow these four steps to get started. 

  • Tap the camera icon present in the top left of Instagram feeds that will eventually open up your Instagram stories. 
  • Swipe right to open Live Camera 
  • Now tap live at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select a fund-raiser sticker to choose a non-profit or charity to support. 

Boom! You kicked off your Instagram live for one of the good causes. Now, Your Instagram live will be streamed with a dedicated box – highlighting the charity.

While you host Instagram live, you should encourage followers to become a part of this good cause and raise money for the people in need. Also, tell them why you are so much into it and how their donation will go to the non-profit and help the sufferers. 

During the live broadcast, you will be able to see the amount raised and people supporting you. Instagram allows you to dive deep to see donors and individual contributors, you can also give a ‘wave’ saying contributors ‘Thank you’. 

Is Instagram promotion important to be the part of ‘ live Donation’?

You don’t necessarily need a massive following to kick start a live donation. Instagram promotion is somehow crucial for several reasons, not only it lets you earn some bucks but make you an Instagram sensation and people start recognizing you for your content or the services you offer. However, influencers or people who get recognition through this social platform must show their audience that whatever they do is 100% legitimate and they are complying with Instagram rules and regulations. It is ‘Instagram’ that has made several brands and individuals from zero to hero. Believe us that if you are good at your Insta-game then no one can stop you achieving from achieving your digital goal.  

How to get an ‘ I donated ‘ sticker to spread awareness

Instagram devised another way of making your donation more social by creating a custom sticker ‘ I donated’. Upon the finishing of a donation to a non-profit, you will be given access to an exclusive sticker that you can use only for a small amount of time. 

When you utilize that sticker, the story will automatically be added to a combined story post that your followers can see. It will eventually spread more awareness and help influencers to raise even more money. 

Wrapping up

Instagram’s new feature ‘ Live donation ‘ has made the fund-raise for non-profit a seamless task. Simply host an Instagram live and choose from the thousands of charities to donate to. The best part of this live donation is all money raised goes to the non-profit. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, this was indeed the most appreciable task, the funds will go to the charities to continue doing charitable work. 

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