Does Exness Have Forex Regulation in Thailand?

Exness forex broker is currently one of the best forex brokers in Thailand (โบรกเกอร์ forex ที่ดีที่สุด). When we trade forex, we should only choose the best and most trusted forex brokers in order to avoid scammers or losing money for stupid reasons. So, how can we find a reliable, regulated forex broker? And does Exness have forex regulation in Thailand?

How to pick a reliable broker

When it comes to reliability, we have to look at 3 most important factors: the forex regulation of the broker, trading volume per month or client base, and the operation history of the broker.

Forex regulation

Forex regulation is a certificate that brokers receive from the biggest financial organizations around the world when they can meet the requirements for providing forex trading services. The job of these organizations is to monitor the foreign exchange activities within a country. They have to make sure that the traders in the country are protected and face the least risk as possible. To obtain a forex regulation, brokers must have features that meet the difficult standards of the organization. Therefore, a reliable forex broker always has at least one forex regulation.

Here are some top-tier forex regulations and the countries they are from:

  • NFA/CFTC from USA
  • FCA from England
  • CySEC from Cyprus
  • ASIC from Australia
  • BaFIN from Germany
  • FINMA from Switzerland
  • FMA from Austria
  • FSB from South Africa
  • FSP NZ from New Zealand
  • JFSA from Japan
  • SFC from Hong Kong
  • MAS from Singapore

Exness is regulated by FCA and CySEC. They are all the top-tier regulations in the world of forex. So we can guarantee that Exness is a very reliable broker.

Does Exness have forex regulation in Thailand?

This is the question that a lot of traders ask before they start trading with Exness. Does Exness have forex regulation in Thailand? The answer is NO. Why so?

Thailand does have a forex regulation. It is one of the most active countries in Asia in terms of forex trading so obviously it must have a forex regulation. However, the Bank of Thailand only established a forex regulation quite recently, in 2017 to be exact. And applying for a regulation takes time, so not many brokers have this regulation. That’s why Exness, a very active broker in Thailand, still doesn’t have a Thai forex regulation.

But that shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to find trusted forex brokers in countries like Thailand, the only way is to check if the brokers have foreign forex regulations or not. A single forex regulation alone can prove the reliability of a broker. Reliable forex brokers in the world like Exness, XM, or are considered very good in Thailand.

Trading volume

The trading volume can show us how much money is traded at the broker and how many clients that broker has. From that, we have a better view on the size of the broker. The higher the trading volume, the larger the broker. High trading volume means there are a lot of traders trading there.

Recently, Exness has just made a record of $700 billion traded in a month. This is an exceptional number. To give you a better perspective, let’s look at the competitors of Exness. Their competitors such as or FXTM only have 300 or 400 billion dollars a month. Exness is more than twice as big as them.

What is good about Exness?

Super fast deposit/withdrawal system

Exness stands out thanks to their main advantage of the instant withdrawal system. This feature allows you to withdraw or transfer money in seconds to complete the transaction. Exness’s all-in-one system makes this fast. Exness has the fastest withdrawal speed when compared to other brokers. You can use the demo system with Exness and other brokers to make comparisons. This feature supports traders’ decision to trade with Exness.

Diverse accounts

Exness has four types of Exness accounts, including Standard Cent, Standard, Pro and Zero. Depending on your trading needs, there will be an account that is right for you. Beginners and new traders can try Standard Cent and Standard accounts. Exness minimum deposit requirement is only $1.

Good customer care

Exness is one of the leading forex brokers paying great attention to customer service. While other platforms only support English, Exness supports customers with 24/7 care in Chinese, Thai, Bahasa, Korean, Vietnamese and Persian, French, Russian, and Spanish. Nha … Customer care team is very diverse depending on the countries represented. Therefore, Exness is the best option for beginners or non-native speakers of non-English speaking beginners. Moreover, because it is audited by Deloitte, the information provided by Exness is reliable and therefore is the leading auditor in the world.

Spread of Exness

At Exness, spreads are quite low, or arguably the lowest in the Forex market. The fixed spread provided by Exness is always the lowest for the 6 most traded currency pairs. Meanwhile, other brokers have higher spreads.

High leverage

Exness has the highest leverage, possibly up to unlimited. According to traders, high leverage means risk and disadvantage. However, high leverage is not important for experienced traders. Between the two traders with the same order size and deposit amount, the safer one is the higher leverage. Meanwhile, unlimited leverage for free margin. Therefore, many traders prefer Exness.

In short, Exness is a reputable forex broker with many attractive features and tools. As for whether Exness has a forex regulation in Thailand or not, please remember it is because Thailand only has a forex regulation recently and the process of application takes a lot of time. However, Exness still has regulations of FCA and CySEC, which are very reliable.

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