Resin Bound Driveway Materials

Using Resin Driveway materials, inventories reduce to only the raw materials needed for the process, there are no pre-stages of compounding, and the regrind material can be sent directly to the process without interrupting the flow. Mixing is an efficient, complete, and automated way of combining materials and ingredients in predetermined proportions, which will add to the melt for the production of plastic parts or products. Processors can mix basic plastic resins with additives and colorants in their plant, according to their process and final product. It is less expensive than buying the premixed material from a supplier. Dosing is the process of measuring individual ingredients, which can be supplied by a separate ‘feeder’ in the throat of the processing machine, or within a fully automated multi-component mixer. In any case, the dosage can be done by volume or by weight. Dosing is the introduction of a specific material ingredient, such as color concentrate, into a separate material flow in the process. The mixture, for its part, controls all the ingredients in the machine’s throat, not just the dosed additive. The mixers make up of several dosing units that work together to create the precise introduction of all materials for the process.


Using a precision device to mix materials, as needed, helps inventories focus on the raw materials needed for the process, eliminates the costly pre-compounding step, and allows the regrind material to be incorporated directly into the process when required interrupting the process flow. All of this reduces material costs, material inventory and achieves more efficient use of regrinding; And, if the correct mixing/dosing device is used, the quality of the part is improved, and the results are 100% repeatable.


Mixing systems are fully integrated devices that handle multiple materials and mixes, and design to accurately and consistently combine materials, before plastic processing. Mixers can combine materials by volume (volumetric) or by weight (gravimetric) and can operate continuously (typical in extrusion) or batch (typical in injection molding).

Dosing in the throat of the machine

The processing machine controls the dosing. In injection molding, while the machine cycles, a dose, calibrated for the size of the injection machine shot, is introduced into the gravity flow of the other materials. In plastic extrusion, since the machine runs continuously, a dosing constant is provided at a certain speed, consistent with the speed of the extruder.

Continuous mixers

They typically use in extrusion processing where the mixer’s continuous operation intends to operate similarly to the continuous operation of the extrusion line. These mixers typically operate on the “weight loss” principle, where ingredient supply containers constantly weight, and the weight loss of each container determines the measured amounts of each ingredient.   As the extrusion speed increases or decreases, consuming more or less mixed material, the mixer reacts accordingly, increasing or decreasing the dosage of each component, in coordination with the speed of the process. This process is Resin Driveway materials to elaborate and requires very complex control to operate reliably,

Batch Mixer

Batch mixers design to be machine mounted and serve injection molding needs for offline work, creating a mixed material supply for any processing. Its main advantages are low cost, simple design, easy installation, cleaning, and high precision. Batch mixers originally produce in volumetric configurations. They now operate conventionally as gravimetric units. The batching system uses measuring devices best adapted to the nature and volume of each ingredient and is not dependent on a similar method for all ingredients. Many batch mixers feature a modular design that allows the manufacturer or processor to freely select and change measuring devices based on the changing needs of their mixing task.

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