How You Should go about Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020?

Social media has revolutionized the way we maintain a relationship and run a business. A well-crafted social media marketing strategy can help you enjoy its endless benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the astonishing social media stats:

  • Instagram has 500+ million active users daily.
  • LinkedIn has 303+ million monthly active users.
  • Facebook receives 2.6+ billion monthly active users.
  • Pinterest receives 335+ million users every month.

Social media is truly a big ocean to market your brand and find feasible customers. Not diving into the same will lead to a big loss in your overall business plan.

Sounds appealing? Scroll down to uncover the secrets of streaming a successful social media marketing strategy for 2020.

  1. Chalk out an attainable goal:

Having a solid goal is the life and soul of your business marketing strategy. If you don’t know where you have to go, how will you reach your destination?

How to set goals?

  • Set an attainable goal.
  • Divide them into smaller action steps.
  • Don’t forget to set a deadline.
  • Align your goal with your entire social media marketing strategy.
  1. Know your audience:

Knowing and connecting with your targeted audience is essential to bring benefits to your business.

How to know your audience?

  • Run a survey to understand the pain points of your audience.
  • Participate in forums crammed with your targeted customers.
  • Be active on your social media channels and reply to all comments of your audience.
  • Interact in Twitter chats.

Your audience tends to connect with a business that cares, not a faceless brand.

  1. Run irresistible contests: 

Running an enthralling contest is one of the most tempting tactics to gain the audience. It will help you increase Instagram followers and their engagements. The key to run a successful contest lies in offering irresistible giveaway or sweepstakes of tremendous value.

How to run a contest?

  • Make sure what social media platform you want to run the contest on.
  • Chalk out a timeframe like how long the contest will run and when the winners will receive their prizes.
  • Create the contest as per the interests of your audience.
  • Sponsor it with all your strength.
  1. Craft your content carefully:

The content you post on your social media platforms should be crafted carefully. If you are aiming to just post anything, you are going wrong. It is better not to post anything than posting reckless content.

How to craft captivating content?

  • Utilize content writing tools and techniques.
  • Use intriguing and engaging hooks to start your content.
  • Don’t just put a headline on the post. Write a catchy description of every link you post.
  1. Develop video content:

Unless you have been residing under a rock, you will know video content is in vogue. So, if you are still deprived of this marketing bandwagon, it is high time to jump on it. A combination of regularly recorded videos and live videos is your best bet, which will pull traffic to your business.

How to create video content?

  • Create Facebook ads in the form of videos. For instance, stream Facebook live videos.
  • Take the help of a reputed video maker like InVideo to create engaging videos for you.
  • Craft short and simple videos.
  • Your videos should be relevant and relatable to your audience.
  1. Make Pinterest a Priority:

Pinterest is both a social media platform and a search engine. When done right, Pinterest ads can maximize your website traffic, your credibility, your income, and your influence in your niche.

How to get started with Pinterest?

  • Set up an account that captures your business.
  • Create your first 3 boards with 3 different ideas.
  • Form a few pins on each of the boards.
  • Use an automation tool.
  • Create pin-worthy images.
  • Tell your network.
  • Keep pinning.
  1. Promote your posts:

Creating diverse content for social media marketing is imperative but don’t turn a blind eye over the promotion process. You have created high-quality content but if it fails to gain enough views, you will see no results. This is where promotion comes into the place.

How to promote the posts?

  • Use automation tools to maximize the number of viewers.
  • Cross-promote the content on your other social media profiles.
  • Run a contest that persuades participants to follow you.
  • Use an SEO-driven approach to advertise your posts. For instance, use relevant keywords and hashtags while posting anything on your social media accounts.

Wrapping up:

These are the top 7 social media marketing strategies that are gaining grip in 2020. While there are a lot of others to take on, many of the points mentioned here are inter-connected. So, if you win to master the above-listed marketing tactics, you will experience big benefits coming on your way.

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