The prettiest looking cockroach I've ever seen. I found it on an oleander tree near my house

How to get rid of cockroach

Among the invasive beasts that can be found in a house, cockroaches are among the most disturbing insects. As soon as one of the points the tip of his nose, there is panic! And for good reason, these ugly beasts reproduce at full speed. How to eradicate cockroaches without polluting its interior?

You have to know: cockroaches are nocturnal and gregarious insects, that is to say, that they live in colonies. Also, if you find one in your house, it’s a safe bet that he is not alone. We must act quickly.

As with food mites, the first reflex is to thoroughly clean your kitchen with white vinegar, added with tea tree or lemon essential oil: cupboards, shelves, fridge, worktops, floors, tiles (possibly walls) as well than household appliances that may contain traces of grease. Don’t forget the back of the refrigerator: the cup that collects the condensation water just above the engine is a boon for cockroaches. The water is warm and more or less stable, it is dark and nobody bothers them. On some models of refrigerators, this cup is not visible, but it is still necessary to treat.

They take refuge in hot and humid places and generally wait for the night to come out of their hiding places. Cockroaches (cockroaches or cockroaches) especially like kitchens, where they can easily find food.

At the slightest appearance, it is necessary to react before the female lays her eggs. There are natural methods to get rid of it. Here are three easy recipes for removing cockroaches:

Bicarbonate and sugar: Mix a glass of sodium bicarbonate with a glass of powdered sugar. Put in small plates that you will place along the walls of humid rooms and in hot places. The insects, attracted by the sugar, will at the same time swallow the bicarbonate. In the long run, this mineral powder ends up dehydrating and killing them.

Wine:  Fill small jars (for example an old jar of mustard) halfway up with wine (sweet is better). Place them in the corners of infested rooms. At night, attracted by the smell of wine, they will climb the walls to enter the container. Once fallen in, it is impossible for them to go back up. You can place tea towels or newspaper around the jars to make them a kind of ramp and thus help them fall into the trap.

Diatomaceous earth: Sprinkle this natural insecticide like jasa pembasmi kecoa on the main places of passage of cockroaches, making a small heap every 10/15 cm. Add sugar on it. This powder extracted from natural quarries is found in drugstores and in some supermarkets in the insecticide.

In addition, as these critters are very resistant, it is sometimes necessary to multiply the methods. Chemical insecticides in powder or spray can then be used as supplements, but these toxic products imply taking precautions such as keeping children and animals away.

Remember, however, that cleanliness is the best weapon for getting rid of these pests. So: do not leave food lying around on your work surface, store your food in closed boxes, regularly clean the grease that is encrusted around the hob, or under the hood.

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