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We are living in different climates where we have to deal with different types of insects and pets. We all know pets are very harmful, and their presence is even more annoying than its effects. Especially the rats are very common and one of the most hateful pets in the houses. They are mostly found in large fields and underground where they build colonies and grow their next-generation quietly. We can only found them when they appear on the surface and create a mess.

So, here comes the need to hire the pest control company specializing in rodent control service. If you are living in Indonesia, then we highly recommended you to take the assistance of jasa pembasmi tikus because it’s a rat control service, by meaning and the service. FUMIDA is a Jakarta based pest control company that will provide you assistance when you need it. Let’s check out why you need to hire them?

Why you hire us?

1.     We have an expert team:

The company has the expert team who will provide you the satisfactory work in a short period of time. All the tools, gadgets, and spray that we used are not harmful to humans, but we suggest the family leave the house for at least 24 hours after the treatment. The team reaches to the location after taking all the personal safety precautions because, before anything, the company take care of its employees and provide all the necessary accessories in which high-quality gloves, mask, headcovers, and special uniform is also included.

2.     We have extensive experience:

FUMIDA is the well-known pest control services company of Jakarta, and they get this fame after providing the services to their satisfied clients for ten years. It’s not easy to deal with all the situations, but the company is always ready to deal with all types of challenges and they will cleanup all the mess created by the pets.

3.     We are offering a free survey and consultation:

A free survey is one of the best complimentary services of the company where they send their expert and experienced team to check the current situation of the location. After the brief survey, they mark the infected area and give you the reasons why the rodent problem is increasing.

After the survey, it’s up to you whether you want the consultancy or goes directly for the treatment.

4.     We are affordable:

There is no fixed price of the rodent control service. The service’s requirement will decide the cost of the service, but it may commonly be charged per square feet. So, if you notice rats in your house, don’t hesitate to call them. Don’t forget that rats can grow fast and becomes the reason for different harmful diseases; therefore, it is essential to prevent the growth of this annoying pest from your house.

Long story short, whenever you need a pest control service in Jakarta, don’t forget to call FUMIDA as it is one of the oldest and experienced rodent control services.

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