Disposable vapes and nicotine content

Warnings about disposable vapes, or “puff bars,” are stoking fear with claims that “a single puff bar contains as much nicotine as two or three packs of cigarettes!” That claim however, is at best inaccurate, and at worst, designed to intentionally disseminate false and misleading information.

Yes, disposable vapes do contain a higher level of nicotine than do cigarettes. What the anti-vaping activists don’t tell you is that cigarettes are far more efficient at getting nicotine into your bloodstream, so if you’re smoking a cigarette, a little goes a long way. An average cigarette contains about 8mg of nicotine, while a disposable vape can contain as much as 50mg of nicotine. Sound shocking? It would be, if a direct correlation could be made. First of all, a cigarette takes about five minutes to smoke. A single puff bar lasts two or three days. Generally speaking, because of the efficiency factor, you get the same amount of nicotine into your bloodstream from a single cigarette with 8mg of nicotine, as you would from vaping 50mg of nicotine. And it should also be noted that it takes about 35 minutes of vaping to get the same amount of nicotine as you get with just five minutes of smoking. Also, the underlying facts – which the activists conveniently ignore – include the undisputed fact that traditional cigarette smoking contains far more dangerous chemicals and toxins than do vaping. Fears over high nicotine content in disposable vapes are therefore unwarranted.

Because of these factors, it is evident that disposable vape devices certainly aren’t filling people with the high levels of nicotine that anti-vaping activists claim. Also the activists are fond of using the “as high as” argument, taking the top outlier of all disposables and claiming that it represents all disposables, which is not the case. Disposables are even available with no nicotine at all, and several with low nicotine content.

The no-nicotine option probably won’t fill the need for those who want to quit smoking. Like other nicotine cessation devices like patches or gum, vaping allows your body to satisfy the physical need for nicotine while tapering off gradually, and at the same time avoiding the dangerous toxins contained in cigarettes. It is the toxins and carcinogens contained in the cigarette’s tar and smoke that presents the real danger, not the nicotine.

There would be very little need to use the highest-nicotine content vapes for all but the heaviest of smokers wanting to switch; most people will want to vape something with a lower or mid-level nicotine content. Many vapers will go with a 12 to 18 milligram variety, which is enough nicotine to satisfy the craving cigarette smokers may have, while still not impacting the taste of the vape itself.

Now that we have settled the myth that disposables deliver more nicotine than other vapes, or even more nicotine than conventional cigarettes – it’s simply not true – we have to ask, what are the advantages? People who are new to vaping especially prefer them because of the simplicity. The first vaping devices were frankly, a little complicated. No action is needed to activate it, there are no batteries to change and no settings to adjust. They don’t need to be refilled, and they are completely safe. And even more importantly, despite recent anti-vaping legislation, disposables are still available in flavors, which many adult vapers prefer.

Are there disposable e-cigarettes with very high nicotine content? Absolutely, but they’re not for everybody. The disposables with a more moderate level of nicotine will satisfy most users, while still preserving the flavor and experience that vapers have come to know and love.

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