Benefits of registering your trademark

A trademark is a word, symbol, a design, or any combination associated with a service or a product. It is not only limited to visual designs as trademarks can be registered for anything that can distinguish a product or a service. Trademarks also serve as an asset to a business’s brand. They aid in building a company’s reputation and place in the market. In addition, they can build and save your company money in the long run. Trademark registration could be the next step for your business as they provide tremendous benefits to you and your business. Here are only a few of the numerous benefits of Trademark registration.

  1. Ownership of the Mark

Foremost, trademark registration provides you and your business the ownership of the mark. The ownership gives the owner the ability to assign and license the mark. This allows you to safely let other distributors distribute your product or service with terms that you and your IP lawyer decide. Additionally, the ownership of the mark gives your company the exclusive rights to operate under that trademark. To register a trademark, you should hire a trademark lawyer as they provide valuable legal advice regarding the registration claim. A Toronto trademark lawyer will also ensure that your trademark is accepted and will aid you in the processes leading up to the registration such as searching trademarks and ensuring that you pick the right trademark.

  1. Public recognition of the ownership

Trademark registration can be an essential step to building your brand as it brings public recognition to the ownership. After your trademark registration, it is recorded into a public database. This prevents competitors or other companies from filing a trademark that is similar to yours. Additionally, it allows you and your trademark lawyer to defend against different forms of trademark infringement. The public recognition of ownership can be vital in growing and developing your business. Additionally, the trademark itself can become an asset as seen by companies such as Apple, Facebook, and McDonald’s. Trademark registration is paramount in expanding your business outside your geographical area. Finally, public recognition can be a great asset in acquiring a domain name on the internet. Accordingly,a trademark lawyer can be of great assistance during that process.

  1. Nationwide Protection for 10 years

Trademark registration also provides nationwide protection for 10 years which can be renewed indefinitely. The protection also allows you and your trademark lawyer to take legal action against different forms of trademark infringement. Additionally, a trademark registration diminishes the burden of proof if there is a trademark infringement in your claim. It grants additional protection such as presumed ownership. Trademark registration also increases the scope of the protection as the protection is applicable nationwide whereas, an unregistered trademark can only be protected in a limited area.This would also require you and your IP lawyer to prove ownership in addition to enforcing your rights to the mark. Furthermore,this protection also prevents counterfeit products from different countries making their way into the market. Therefore, it is paramount that you and a Toronto trademark lawyer register a trademark.

  1. Assert your right in other countries

The process of trademark registration can also be an asset in expanding your business to different countries. Even if you have not entered the market of a country such as the U.S, having a registered trademark can be of great benefit to your business. If you have a registered trademark in Canada, you can file a trademark claim without needing to submit evidence that you have used the mark in the United States. However, that is only the case in a few countries. If you plan on expanding your business to different countries, you should acquire legal advice from a trademark lawyer. Trademark registration is a vital step if you plan onexpanding your business beyond Toronto, and Canada. To avoid any trademark infringement in another country, you and your trademark lawyer should proceed with the steps necessary to expand. Overall, having a registered trademark is extremely beneficial to expanding into different countries and you should contact a Toronto trademark lawyer register your trademark.

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