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STONE provides customers with an Intelligent HMI solution. The intelligent TFT LCD module with a Cortex-M4 32-bit CPU can be controlled by any MCU via simple Hex Instruction through the UART port.

STONE TFT LCD module consists of a CPU, TFT drives, flash memory, UART port, power supply, etc. STONE also provides a basic control program and powerful design software (STONE TOOL Box). You can use it to set various functions on the graphical user interface, such as text, figures, curve, image switching, keyboard, progress bar, the slider, dial-up, clock and touch button, data storage, the USB download, video, and audio.

It is very easy for engineers to develop the TFT-LCD color user interface and touch control functions, which can reduce a lot of development time and cost.

  • STONE provides intelligent HMI solutions.Any smart TFT LCD module with an MCU (with a cortex-m4 32-bit CPU) can be controlled with simple hexadecimal instructions via the UART port.
  • The module consists of CPU, TFT drive, flash memory, UART port, power supply and so on.STONE also provides basic controls and powerful design software (STONE TOOL Box).
  • You can use the STONE TOOLBox software to set up various functions on the graphical user interface, such as text, graphics, curves, image switching, keyboard, progress bar, slider, dial, clock and touch buttons, data storage, USB download, video and audio.
  • Engineers can easily develop the tft-lcd color user interface and touch control features, which can reduce a lot of development time and cost.
  • STONE is mainly used in the field of industrial electronics.It is the best solution to replace the traditional LCD and LED digital tube.
  • You can easily connect the STONE HMI display via TTL serially through its peripheral MCU to provide event notifications that the peripheral MCU can execute.
  • With the STONE HMI display TTL serial interface, you can easily connect them to microcontrollers like STM, RAM MCU, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, or any system that can communicate via serial ports.

 Why use STONE HMI

Easy to use


  • First, STONE is easy to use.With the STONE STONE TOOLBox software, you can easily create intuitive touch user interfaces, even if you’re a beginner.
  • For example, by adding a static image as a background and defining functionality by component, you can easily and quickly create a simple GUI in just a few minutes.
  • With drag-and-drop components and simple instructions, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on HMI project development.


  • Engineers can easily develop the tft-lcd color user interface and touch control features, which can reduce a lot of development time and cost
  • The products are divided into three series, the advanced series for medical beauty, the industrial series for industrial electronics, and the lowest price for civil use.According to their own needs, choose the right type of screen.

STONE HMI Varieties

STONE HMI LCD module specifications:

  • Cortex m4 CPU;
  • UART interface (RS232/RS485/TTL) ;
  • 256-byte register; 128 kb variable memory;
  • 128 MB flash memory, expandable to 1 GB;
  • GUI design software;
  • The customized command set;
  • 8-channel curve trend chart memory;
  • extremely fast variable display response speed;
  • The single-page supports up to 128 display variables;
  • Integrated real-time clock RTC,
  • Touch buzzer sound function;
  • Support software 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270-degree screen rotation, adjust the appropriate visual Angle;

 STONE TOOL Box (free GUI design software):

— Free and easy to use STONE TOOL Box software

— property value components that can be allocated at run time

— Drag-and-drop components for GUI design and interaction

— built-in debugger for HMI project emulation

STONE intelligent display module simple instructions:

  1. UseTOOLS 2019to design a GUI with any .jpg or .bmp
  2. Use the UART interface (RS232/RS485/TTL) to communicate between the display and your MCU.
  3. Use any language to write a simple program for the MCU, let it send the customized hex command sets to read or write the variable value of the display.

STONE LCD sample for developing:

For example: display the time variable “08: 30“, and UART send the command: A5 5A 05 82 6F 00 08 30 


A55A: Frame head 05: command byte length, 82 6F 00 08 30 total 5 bytes (excluding frame header) 82: write variable register command 6F 00: Variable address, set in control properties 08 30: data content, BCD code of 08 30

STONE display starter

  • STONE consists of a hardware section (a series of TFT boards) and a software section (STONETOOL).
  • The STONE TFT board USES only one serial port for communication, thus avoiding wiring problems for users.
  • For the software part, STONE is rich in resources.
  • OSTONE – STONE TOOLBox is Windows software for GUI development.STONE TOOLBox has a number of components, such as buttons, text, progress bars, sliders, dashboards, and more, to enrich the interface design.In addition, drag-and-drop features reduce development effort by 99% by ensuring that users spend less time programming.With the help of this wysiwyg TOOLBox, designing guis becomes easy.
  • The STONE TOOLBox guide helps you easily set up the STONE TOOLBox.
  • O can communicate with STM, ARM, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.
  • The STONE TOOLBox guide helps you set up the STONE TOOLBox software.
  • With these resources, I’m sure you’ll have an easy experience on this monitor.
  • It is also easy to adapt the STONE series HMI to existing project users.You only need to provide one UART.
  • In addition, if you need any technical support when setting up the STONE display, you can contact STONE technical support.

STONE HMI Display Project idea

STONE LCD + Arduino + Display Heart Rate

Ultrasonic module test with STONE lcd Module

Fingerprint Module Test With STONE TFT LCD

STONE LCD Module Acceleration Gyroscope Sensor

STONE Display +STM32 +Coffee Maker

STONE LCD + STM32 LCD Light Control

Make a Home Appliance Control System on STONE Display

Use STONE Screen Create Refrigerator Controls

STONE TOOL | Creates a Project Using STONE Display

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