Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Diamond: We have been great! Thanks for asking.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “I’m Not Right”?

Diamond: “I’m Not Right” was the first song that we started writing for the new record and we are extremely proud of how it came out. It really opened up the door for us to try something different with the darker melodies and ominous guitar leads which was really cool. While it is kind of a dark and heavy song it still carries that Tetrarch energy that draws people in to it which is amazing the response has been greater than even expected so far.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Diamond: Honestly, It’s really a song that so many people can relate to on some level at one point in their life. Its that moment when you look in the mirror and you just don’t like what you see staring back at you and you know its time to truly make a change. Kind of that rock bottom moment that drives you to become the best version of yourself.

Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?

Diamond: The video is out now. We had a great time shooting it with director Scott Hansen and he really brought our vision to life. We definitely knew that we wanted to have some band performance in there because our live aspect is very important but we also wanted it to have a meaningful story line and I think we nailed it.

The single comes off your new album Unstable – what’s the story behind the title?

Diamond: UNSTABLE was actually the name of a song on the record as well but as we were seeking the perfect title for the record we realized that UNSTABLE pretty much summed it all up haha. It’s definitely an angsty album focusing on a lot of frustration both inwardly and outward and UNSTABLE was the perfect word to capture that feeling.

How was the recording and writing process?

Diamond: Long. Haha. We recorded this recorded with Dave Otero in Denver, CO and we had a great time co-producing the record with him. We worked with him on our previous album FREAK so we knew that we wanted to go back and do this album with him as well. It’s a very comfortable environment for us to create which is a huge requirement for me to get into the zone and work on an album the right way. We spent abut 4 months in the studio with this album and I think people will definitely hear that when they finally get the chance to listen to the whole thing.

What was it like to work with Dave Otero and how did that relationship develop?

Diamond: Dave actually mixed a old EP for us back in like 2012 haha. So we have known him for a very long time. After working on FREAK with him it was a no brainer that we wanted to go back. Im sure there are several days where he wishes that he didn’t know us haha! But we have a great time in there together cracking jokes and creating magic.

How much did he get to influence the album?

Diamond: One good thing about Dave is that he kind of lets us steer the ship however we want to. Really, any producer that we work with kind of has to understand that Tetrarch is our life and we want and will have the final say in anything that end up on the record. Dave definitely understands that but he does have a lot of fantastic ideas that sometimes get us out of a rut that we may be in and that gives the song a whole new life. That part is really cool about him. Since he usually works with death metal bands, his brain works in ways that ours don’t so when they come together its something special.

Did our very unstable and weird times get to influence in one way or another the writing on this record?

Diamond: Well, we actually started writing this record before all of this craziness in the world even started with COVID-19 but its amazing how relatable it is now to what’s going on now.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Diamond: Life. All of the lyrical inspiration of this album came from things in our everyday life that we needed to talk about or get out.

Any plans to hit the road?

Diamond: As soon as restrictions are lifted we are going to be touring every nook and craney of this world. We will be everywhere.

What else is happening next in Tetrarch’s world?

Diamond: We are honestly working on making this our best release yet. We definitely took these songs to the next level and are really expecting to make a huge boom once its released. A lot of work goes into releasing an album the right way, especially independently so that’s taking up most of our time!


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