Getting Help With Your Mental Health And COVID-19

Depression and anxiety is a medical state an individual feels touchiness, exhaustion, impatience and state of weakness, guilt, insignificance and cynicism. Whereas addiction is some other thing but resembles both of them, but they all need care and attention to resolve them. The individuals who feel pain from these states are those who cannot take disappointments in their life most probably. There could be many other possible reasons for that vary from man to man, but we get that only when we talk to them. The forms of disappointments or other types of issues in life thus take them to anxiety, depression, and even falling into addictions. The health care centres dealing with those people would know about them for sure.

Issues In Covid19 Lockdown

In this lockdown of Covid19, the people who were going to health care centres for their treatments couldn’t go there. So, there would be some solution for that as we are living in a global village. We can say that these are the kinds of psychological sickness that includes the mood, body and feelings, which disturbs the way an individual sleeps and eats the way he feels about himself, and the approach he thinks about stuff requires being attention well even in this lockdown. Though, it could be dangerous for them if we don’t provide them good care.

The Continuing Fight For Change Even In Covid19

The enormity of the issue of mental health and how we tackle it comes as no surprise to thousands in South Africa and all over the world. Health care centres have campaigned for decades for greater awareness of mental health issues and funding for mental health programs. The campaigns address not only the root issues of mental health, but also the stigma and discrimination that surround it. Most respectable thing about them is that they are even continuing their struggles in the Covid19 as well.

So, now we can get the help of digital media and social media to provide health care for the mental illness of these people and help them. Campaigns would have fought against this discrimination and despite a blooming attitude of acceptance; the toll on those with mental health issues is overwhelming. The movement of social change is a slow beast, with campaigns from media outlets, advertising and educational efforts combining to change the attitudes of the next generation.

All Health Care Centers Should Make Effort

Shorter-term and more directly, health foundations are encouraging people to get the right mental health help at the right time. Shocking statistics suggest that over one in five people have been waiting over a year without receiving therapy, having registered through the NHS.

Vary From Man To Man

But it isn’t merely the waiting times; every person has different needs. Not all therapy and not all therapists are right for each individual. Less than two-thirds of people with severe mental health problems are offered evidence-based psychological therapies. The choice of therapist, time of therapy and routine are all key, but also the type; would you be better suited to individual therapy, group therapy, Exton counseling, or psychotherapy? Are antidepressants the right choice for you?


Getting help with depression, addictions and anxiety can be attained through many healthcare sources both abroad and locally. There are many South African treatment centres like Recovery Direct have simply switched in-person therapy to online therapy and created online learning programmes and facebook live stream communities to address the massive demands of people stuck in lockdown over covid-19 or dealing with the anxiety or depression related to the pandemic.

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