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Secure Paymentz has been working and serving as the core platform for critical banking requirements that has been opted by numerous renowned financial institutions. It comes with the rich functionality as well as cutting-edge technology that make it the perfect and easy application that can be upgraded with the everchanging market demand.

Banking Software Script:

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Core banking software-Secure Paymentz brings ample benefits for the customers with analytics that work in real-time along with sophisticated technology based product builder which allows easy integration of workflow along with the infinite option for scalability. This allows business institutions to outperform their competitors.

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Issues with Core Banking Systems

When it comes to the well-known core banking systems present in the current market, there are many issues that ail the overall system leading to fluctuation in its operation. The mostly work on a system designed using the pre-era software technology, leaving your financial transactions vulnerable to most of the threats found in the internet platform.

Here are some of the issues that ail the present core banking systems.

  1. Complexity and Risk In any typical core banking software, you can easily find numerous applications that are badly documented which restrict the flexibility while creating many points for failure in financial transactions and other applications.
  2. Scalability Most core bank systems fail to keep rising with the change in growth volumes that comes with the digitization of the banks which is soon to be taken over by IoT or Internet of Things.
  3. High opportunity cost and expenditure The overall cost requirement for maintenance of the ever-ageing banking systems that do not work properly requires above 75 per cent of the overall IT budget which leaves little to no scope left for enhancement of technologies working for the institutions.
  4. Expectation Gap Most customers want the financial institutions to act over the role of being an infomediary which will allow better commercial and financial decisions to help with organizational growth. This requires the activation of integrated systems with real-time analysis.

How does Secure Paymentz help?

Secure Paymentz works as a core solution for banking needs that is integrated, open, and decked with real-time performance analysis and updated platform.

  • Real-time and accurate information: It facilitates the dispatch of the right kind of products to the right customers at the right time by financial institutions.
  • Product Builder: It also allows comparatively quick time for marketing a new product with scope for personalization and rendering associated services to customers.
  • Infinite Scalability: Secure Paymentz brings ample options for scalability given the fact that it has been engineered for linear scalability for the scope of economic scaling.
  • Low TCO: Secure Paymentz comes with a low budget tag for maintenance of the software that saves ample to be invested in other factions of the company.
  • Zero obsolescence risk: Secure Paymentz is dedicated towards proper development and regular changes in the software with regularized R&D that helps with innovation and handling all the customer’s requirements and expectations. This ensures that everything is updated with no chance of any glitch in the performance.

For more info: https://securepaymentz.com

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