Benefits of learning PHP language

Before we dive into the benefits of PHP, I want to give a quick interview with this robust programming language. PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting language for producing dynamic and interactive web pages.

We use it by embedding PHP scripts into HTML that are then executed on our webserver to create the dynamic web page.

It is a programming language used for backend frequently used with SQL. It’s of great use for the backend. Many websites like FB was developed in PHP. So it an important language to learn and you can find 7 books for learning PHP in a better way.

Basics of PHP

PHP has a quite easy syntax if you are familiar with any c-type language. It is an efficient alternative to competitors such as and JSP. PHP supported operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, etc. It is an open-source program, which means you do not have to pay to use PHP; you can free download and use.

What does it all mean? Why is it used so often? And, what benefits you will get using PHP? So, before wasting any time let’s have a brief look at the amazing benefits of using the PHP language.

Performs calculations

As we all know computer works on the calculations. Converting your input into its understandable from and then after performing some of the calculations in it, it will show the result. So we can say that it is a calculator. Same as PHP is. PHP is a robust language; it can perform all types of calculations. Yes! It is true it is a web programming language. HTML is simply used to make Static Web pages. But PHP added a next-level functionality to the world of web. Now PHP uses a lot of your work or important stuff just on searching the web. Whether it is a compression of a PDF or changing the format of a document site, PHP can perform all the stuff easily. You do not have to download particular software to do some jobs.

It can perform all the mathematical calculations. Solve a lot of problems. PHP comes with a lot of built-in Mathematical functions, which makes the calculation a lot easier.

Collects user Information

PHP helps the user to select and store the user information. For example, it can easily get a temperature value in Fahrenheit and convert it into other formats like Celsius and vice versa. It helps the user to store data on the website like users can participate in surveys or posting on a forum.

Interacts with MySQL Databases

PHP provides you the facility of getting interaction with the MySQL database. It opens endless opportunities for the developers. You can store the information in the database and can retrieve it whenever you want.

It provides you to deal with complex problems. Like you want to add the functionality of searching, or you want to set up a newsletter, or you want to store a product catalog, PHP will handle all these problems.

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