Tips for choosing the right coffee beans

Happily, specialty coffee has been growing by leaps and bounds and is blossoming in the last seven years approximately. Now really getting into single farm coffees for the first time in an exciting way. The most fabulous coffees are from single farms. And the reason is straightforward.

That’s where you get down to craftspeople who love what they’re doing; otherwise, you’re mixing different coffees from different people, and you’re getting this okay or very good but not great coffee.

It’s like multiple farms versus a single farm if you will. So always look for that. But as a specialty has blossomed and matured, we have a problem. When you the consumer goes to a store, you are assaulted with a wide variety of choices, so it seems extremely difficult, and indeed it really can be. So, that’s what I’m going to try to clarify some key points for you.

Reading a label

When you are looking at a label, you will find a lot of things about coffee. The first thing you have to look for is the country from where it came. Every region has its taste and specialties. You would have the grade, and the grade refers to the size of the bean. Nothing more so the most common names that you’ll see that way is AA. You can read all the information about different coffees at SuperCoffee.

Variety and Roasting

Each variety does affect the flavor of the strong instant coffee. There are some from Ethiopia, a very popular type called geisha, very rare and costly. It gives you a flavor of lemon candy and apricot, and it’s clear about very different than bourbon. Super Coffee is a blog that discusses about different types of coffees and other related topics; you can read it to learn more.

So these are things to familiarize yourself as you go along. Then finally, what’s the roast? It could be a light roast or a dark roast. And if you look at different coffee, you can see that there is a whole roasting scale. The raw green coffee, once it’s out of the cherry and inside, is two seeds. They are very little fruit, and within twelve minutes now, you are starting to get a full roast the lightest of the roast, and then at about fourteen fifteen minutes, you’re starting to see oils bleed to the surface and the darker roast like French roast.

(Vintage) Date of harvesting

That is basically when the coffee was harvested. In general, coffee is harvested, and it is available over the next three to six months. If you’re aiming at quality and you will see Roasters specialty Roasters talk about seasonality. Because that coffee in the raw green form is aging every day, every week, every month, most of the companies taking the green coffee, vacuum sealing it and freezing it. And that freezing procedure keeps it immune from the seasonality problem.

Always check the roast date.

You must always use freshly roasted coffee beans. So it is a good practice to check the roasting date before buying any coffee beans. If you do not have a coffee grinder in your home, you can use coffee bean bags and ask the market workers to grind them for you.

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