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Some crystals that you see are probably older than you are. Crystals are the proof of what nature can make and every grain and every pattern of the stone has witnessed the earth grow. Crystal’s encompass the whole of history and geography. Ancient civilizations used crystals for different ailments. Therefore, a crystal isn’t just a stone, it’s a legacy and each crystal that you hold or wear tells it own tale of time. 

Why Should You Invest in Crystals?

Two   of the same compound, never look similar. Each one is unique and distinct. This is why crystals are used in making several types of jewellery. The unusual patterns on each stone make the jewellery stand out. Necklaces, anklets, wristbands are some of the common pieces in which crystals are used. 

Different types of crystals have different metaphysical properties. Some are meant to balance your life, some to keep away differing and ailments and others are just a remedy to sport a broken heart. Each month in the calendar is associated with a crystal. Birth crystals make beautiful gifts. For example, amethyst is associated with February. You can gift amethyst to a friend who is born in February, not only will it be a good accessory, it will also help your friend with handling life.

Some Common Types of Crystals:

Sardonyx: The crystal comes in shades of reds, oranges, and maroons with unique patterns engraved on each of them with black or white. Sardonyx can be dated back to the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations. Women wore necklaces made of Sardonyx while men wore them on their wrists. It is said that the stone has protective properties. 

If you are someone who has unstable relationships and suffers from an inability to emotionally express yourself, this is the perfect crystal for you. Sardonyx enhances your mental health and is said to bring happiness to those who wear it. The stone is associated with strength, courage, and confidence. 

Hematite: Owing to its color, it is sometimes called the ‘bloodstone’. Though it comes in different shades of grey and black, the blood-red crystal seems to stand out. 

As the name suggests, the crystal is rich in iron. If you suffer from a low haemoglobin level or have endured blood loss recently this is the crystal for you. Iron can be directly associated with formations of blood as the main substance in our blood is iron and it is a mineral that our bodies heavily rely on.

Rose Quartz: A light, pastel pink crystal associated with love and longing. It is said that Roman and Greek gods like Cupid and Eros passed down the stone to mankind to help humans find love. 

The crystal has healing properties and can be worn by anyone tormented by matters of the heart. It is said that the crystal can bring the people you love and want closer to you and keep them in your life. 

Amethyst: The crystal has a brilliant purple color, so extraordinary that the very name of the crystal ‘amethyst’ has become color in itself. Amethyst is used heavily in the jewellery industry.

The stone is said they have a calm and soothing effect on its wearer. It is a stone that can stimulate a steady flow of emotions. The crystal is associated with creativity and spirituality. The crystal is suited for people who pursue a creative line if work as it can channel your emotions into your creativity. 

Rhodonite: Just like rose quartz this crystal is associated with love as well, but its functions are completely different. The crystal comes in vibrant shades like pink, red, and reddish-brown. 

The crystal is associated with compassion and emotional balance. The crystal is set to have the power to heal emotional wounds that might have resulted from a broken heart. Apart from its metaphysical properties, it can soothe rashes, insect bites, and allergies. It can stimulate the growth of bones and nurtures sense organs like the ear. The crystal has several properties of healing that make it n important stone. 


These stones have properties that can benefit you, as we read above. Own your crystal today and wear it as a part of your identity. Each crystal is distinctive and unique, just like you. Enjoy the qualities of these little stones and live a healthier life. You can find more at

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