Renting vs Buying: A Guide to Home Appliances

Is it cheaper to rent home appliances or buy them? We can argue on this for hours but there are plenty of reasons which prove that you should definitely opt for home appliances rental services rather than hunting down the appliances and making a purchase with a big amount of money. And let’s face it, it’s more convenient to browse through the internet and get what you need, given the fact that there are plethora of websites and online services available today from which you can rent anything and everything you want.

With the daily life’s hustle and bustle and the fast-paced life, you hardly get any time to rejuvenate yourself. But there are always some things which can be arranged and managed smartly that can help you live your life to the fullest and in style. For example, renting out the things you require for your home such as furnishings, instead of wasting your time and energy into buying them. Out of which, one of the main things would be getting home appliances on rent. This is not only convenient but also saves you a huge amount of money. And cost efficiency is the one factor that everybody desires.

Renting vs Buying Home Appliances, Which One Should I Choose?
If we talk about setting up and furnishing a home, everyone has different set of standards of convenience and how to make it more comfortable. Naturally, the requirements and preferences vary from person to person, depending on the style and taste. While everyone desires a comfortable and stylish home, the method, strategy and resources of arranging and managing everything round the house differ. But even though then, the home needs to be functional and for that you simply need home appliances

People relocate often for various reasons. It can be due to their work, education or other reasons. And they hunt for the places to live for however long they need to stay at that location but is it easier for them to pack and carry everything, every time they have to move? The headache of carrying all the things, including the extra costs of pickup and delivery, can take a load on anyone’s mind. Imagine moving into a new city and having to install everything again, like all the electrical appliances which may require extra care due to their fragile material for example TV’s glass. And if you are starting fresh and have not brought anything, you need to look for everything which will take even more time and effort. What would you rather prefer? Sit back and sip your drink and let a good home appliances rental service deliver and install everything or take the risk of damaging your appliances and do all the hard work despite your busy schedule? It’s always better to stay on the safer side and book the appliances on rent and let the service provider help you out.

Whether you have just moved to a new city or are relocating to a new place, if you still can not choose between buying or renting the home appliances, just think about the purpose and ask yourself these questions.

How long are you going to stay at that place or how long is your lease? Are you planning to move to another place in the near future? If the answer is yes and you do see yourself relocating withing a short period of time then renting is the best option for you. Because the essential appliances like TV, Fridge, washing machine etc. will easily cost you anywhere between Rs35,000 – 50,000. Firstly, not everyone can afford that and secondly, there is no point in investing such a huge amount when you are not going to stay there permanently. Ordering electronic home appliances on rent would cost you way less and fulfil all your needs for however long you require them to.

Now that we have established that getting home appliances on rent is the way to go, let us further discuss on the various benefits it brings you to make your life easier.

Benefits of Renting Home Appliances
With all the millennials rising up and moving to different cities and the emerging trend of start-ups, people are now bending more towards the idea of renting home appliances instead of purchasing them. Not only the working-class people but also the students who relocate due to their studies and have to live their temporarily, prefer renting everything and pay accordingly because it costs them way less. Let’s look at some other reasons to why is it better


  • No Heavy Down Payments – Home appliances are expensive but for a fully functional house, you need them for your daily life uses.  While buying home appliances, you often need to make a down payment. Many people might not have enough funds at once to make this payment and then pay heavy EMIs for every appliance. That is why more people are turning towards rental services to get home appliances on rent because they provide good quality appliances within the budget and by not making a heavy down payment, you save a lot of money.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – When you buy something, it is normal to experience wear and tear of the products. But to maintain the quality and functionality of them, you need to get them repaired. This regular repairing, from a decent service provider, and maintenance could cost a fortune. But that is not the case if you choose to rent home appliances. There are some trusted rental service providers which provide free maintenance and free repairing offers for long-term or short-term rental services. If anything happens to any of your rented appliance, the rental service provide will take the responsibility of repairing.
  • Easy to Relocate – If you relocate frequently, whether it’s in 6 months, a year or two, moving everything you own can be a bit hard. Some of the appliances are delicate and have fragile material such as glass and packing everything and moving them to the new place is not only risky but also costs you a lot of time, money and effort. But if you take appliances on rent, you can easily return them when it is time to move and if you want the same appliances at your new places, the rental service provider will take care of the delivery and provide you with the same. Some of the major rental service providers, such as Cityfurnish, even offer the relocation service free of cost.
  • Flexibility – Everyone loves a little change once in a while. Like refurnishing the house, getting new things to make it more stylish. And when you buy every major thing in your house, you might not have the liberty to buy the new ones within a short period because it’s a huge investment. But this is the freedom you get when you choose to get home appliances on rent. You can easily update to the new arrivals, get new models or more advanced appliances once they show up in the options of the rental service provider and can easily switch after six months or a year and change the look of your home.
  • Convenience – When you opt for rental appliances, you can easily browse through various home appliances rental services online, which provide branded electric appliances at affordable costs, and pick the one which fulfils all your requirements. You do not have to hunt them down and waste your time. Your desired home appliances will be at your door steps according to your convenience with just a few clicks.


Major Home Appliances to Rent
Let’s take a look at the appliances you can rent, which are majorly important and would make your living extremely convenient and comfortable!

  1. Refrigerator – A home without a refrigerator is incomplete. It is very important in our day-to-day life because it keeps the food safe and cold, saving it from getting rotten and keeping it in edible condition. This also saves us from frequent grocery shopping for every little food item. Arrange a branded and modern refrigerator on rent from top rental service provider at affordable price and keep the life of your food intact and makes your home stylish.
  2. Television – A television is a major source of entertainment and it’s inescapable in today’s world because it provides all the information like education, culture, news, sports, weather, and helps in both social and cultural development of people of all age groups. There are plenty of good TVs from various trusted brands that you can rent and add life to your living room or even bedroom. 
  3. Washing Machine – It is way more convenient to rent a washing machine instead of going to the laundryman every time you need your clothes cleaned because it will cost a lot. And washing all your clothes with hands is a hectic and tedious chore which can take hours and drain your energy. Renting a washing machine will not only save you money but you’ll also manage to get a lot of time in your hands.

Apart from the above-mentioned home appliances, you can also rent other appliances to make your living even more convenient such as Microwave, water purifier or air purifier.

Cityfurnish, one of the top home appliances rental services in India, ensures quality services and high-rated products from trusted brands, delivered at your doorstep as per your convenience. Be it big appliances or small, LED TVs, refrigerators, washing machines or even air purifiers, we have them all. Browse through our portal and select from a wide range of home appliances and let us help make your place a comfortable and functional heaven!

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