Why You Must Check Product Reviews Before Buying Them?

Did you know that 90% of consumers trust customer reviews before buying or booking? Over the years, they have become an important source of business information. They impact the reputation of a company but also its sustainability, knowing that they primarily influence consumer decisions. It is therefore recommended (strongly) to adopt an adequate marketing strategy that will allow you to constantly manage and improve your online reputation.

Indeed, the opinions touch on several parameters. On the one hand, your reputation and therefore the image that you send to your potential or current customers. On the other hand (and therefore ultimately), your commercial performance. A consumer who hesitates between two brands will certainly choose the one with the best reputation and the best customer recommendations, a guarantee of authenticity and transparency. In addition, the opinions also influence your referencing within Google Local Pack. A company that continually collects positive reviews will nibble places in local search results Web users. According to a Google study, it is shown that 4 out of 5 searches are local when they relate to a service or a product. The Google algorithm is primarily based on geographic position, so it is important to complete your Google My Business page. Finally, we also talk about the importance of rich snippets, but to keep some suspense, we will explain a little further in the article.

So no matter how big the organization is, you must check the reviews. You can also view Amazon products honest reviews on this website.

Managing customer reviews has several advantages. It is a way to be close to customers, for a sincere and positive experience. We communicate the desire to offer the best possible service. Reading, responding to, and dealing with requests seen in customer comments is one way to join a virtuous circle. The good reputation of your company is a factor of sales and loyalty. The return on investment of customer reviews manifests itself in several stages.

Make self-talk positively and bring new customers: then a consultation opinions online is a decision factor important. In B2B as in B2C, the customer easily trusts the recommendations of other customers.

Promote a positive experience during the time of the service: When the customer has come up with an already positive a priori, all you have to do is confirm your reputation

Make the customer a prescriber: do you know the expression “your reputation precedes you”? It is confirmed daily with the widespread use of publications of recommendations and opinions on the Web. A happy customer himself becomes a prescriber with his networks. He tells your loved ones about you and posts comments.

It’s up to you to take advantage of this digital word of mouth to your advantage! If you consider that even negative opinions are sources of improvement for your services, being attentive to user comments becomes a real tool. Let us not forget that the review sites offer a direct and interactive communication support. Even a negative opinion is always interesting to know what customers really think of you. Concretely, a hotel can for example modify its breakfast following the frequent complaint of boiled eggs!

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