Top 5 Reasons Connecting with Other Musicians Is Vital For Your Career

Any result is proportional to the amount of effort. This is correct for any activity, and for the development of a musical career as well. When you have a team, you do not share your success, you multiply it in proportion to the contribution of each member of your group. In this article, we have collected five main reasons why you should work with other musicians and get even more opportunities to boost your creativity.

It Is Impossible to Cope with All the Tasks Alone

Unfortunately, you never get far on your own. Even if you write text and music yourself, you can play several instruments and record your songs in a home studio, then, unfortunately, this is your limit. Even if you created your website and try to promote your creativity on social networks using online advertising or offline events on your own, then one day you will feel that you can no longer spray between all these tasks. In simple words, this is called biting off a bigger piece of cake then you can chew.

When the creative tasks, as well as the tasks of promotion, marketing, and organization of performances, will fall on you like an avalanche, at some point you will feel that you are mentally and physically exhausted, and you can no longer create cool music. It is far more reasonable to not push yourself to such a state and immediately divide the areas of responsibility between team members.

Creative Pause Cannot Catch All At Once

Creative people are subject to mood changes much more than ordinary townsfolk. But there is good news – a breakdown, lack of inspiration, and new ideas cannot happen with the whole team at the same time. If this happened to someone from the group, then all the rest of its members will be able to pull this person out of the swamp of gloom, set new tasks, support, and motivate.

And on the contrary, it is very difficult to find the strength to move on when you are alone, and you have no one to share your responsibilities or your feelings with. Remember your student years. Surely, you had situations when you had neither the desire nor the inspiration for academic tasks. In this case, you could certainly find the best authors on the Online Writers Rating or the Best Writers Online custom writing services review platforms and get rid of the task you do not want to do.

But what if you temporarily have no inspiration for music? You may always ask your teammates to support you. Just think about it from this point of view.

When You Are a Big Team, There Is a Better Chance That You Will Be Noticed

When you form a team of musicians in various directions, this simultaneously means an exchange of audiences. Each of you already has your audience, large or small, and working together means bringing them together into one large group of your fans.

Yes, there is a chance that some of your fans will not like your collaboration – be prepared for this. However, working as a team you will get many more opportunities to expand the audience than ever before. Plus,  the producer who will like you and wants to work with your team may be already among them.

More Connections = More Opportunities

Surely, you’ve heard about the six degrees of separation theory. If not, then a very brief point is that all people living on the planet are familiar with each other through a network of six other people. Do you know what this means for you? This means that when you establish a connection with a certain musician on the planet, you are automatically connected to the chain of his connections. More connections mean more opportunities for PR and promotion. Combining with the common goal, you get the opportunity to collect all your useful connections into one single database of useful contacts and make decisions on which of them you need to reach out for the first step to success.

The Team Fosters a Sense of Responsibility

When you work in a team, you can no longer afford excuses like “not today”. A team at the same time means responsibility, both personal and collective. And also discipline and rules all the members of your musical group should observe. Therefore, you will always have more reasons to move forward than messing around and looking for reasons why not.

Besides, the team helps to cope with fear – with the fear of failure, and of success. Perhaps you may not want to take responsibility for any action precisely because of fear, but the team will not allow you to abandon your joint intentions in the first place and will help to defeat fear, in the second. As we said, more effort means more results, and when you move towards the same goal together, the big obstacles seem much smaller.


We are sure that the above reasons have convinced you to look in the direction of mutually beneficial cooperation instead of doing everything yourself. Of course, you can cope independently to some point. However, it is still much more efficient to distribute tasks, and responsibilities but combine all the creative ideas you will be able to come up with together.  Do not be afraid to make connections with new people – as a rule, people of the musical mindset very easily find a common language and begin to develop common goals. And being together is always more fun, easier and more reliable than to be alone, in the face of both failures and successes.

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