Practical guidelines to install mobile home skirting

Mobile Home Skirting is vital for homes. In general, skirting can be made with various materials, although the most popular materials are vinyl and metal. In fact, many homeowners are unaware of the importance of Mobile Home Skirting.

Did you know, mobile home skirting kits are available in many different materials these days? Moreover, they can give countless benefits to the homes. One example being it can improve the general appearance of the home. Also, skirting hides the foundation materials of the house while protecting the pipes from freezing. Additionally, skirting protects the home from the pests, and maintaining the temperature of the house in winters.

Most notably, some mobile home skirting kits, you can upgrade your home for much higher resale values.

Here are some advantages as well as some ways of installing mobile home skirting.


It helps in maintaining the temperature of the houses and is quite economical. Furthermore, by decreasing the cooling and heating costs, it can help by maintaining the temperature in winters and summers. In some countries of the world, it the law to install mobile home skirting. Not to mention, it can give numerous advantages to your home.

Ideal materials for mobile home skirting

There are several materials that can be used for skirting, but metals and vinyl are the best ones. Some of the skirting materials are as follows.

1.     Vinyl skirting

Vinyl is economical, easy to install, and attractive, so it is considered the best skirting material.

2.     Metal skirting

Metal is another common material for skirting. It is more economical than vinyl and is also easy to install. Moreover, it is a powerful skirting material. There are several other skirting materials you can use to upgrade your house. The ribbed metal panel is the best metal skirting material. Did you know, you can paint your metal skirting to make your mobile home skirting more attractive?

3.     Faux rock

Another class of skirting material is faux rocks. Some rock looking skirting materials are also available. Faux is a popular skirting material that looks like rocks. It is mostly used in southern areas. It is expensive as it is thicker. Other skirting materials may not be best but are considered as good skirting materials.

4.     DURASKIRT™ concrete skirting

Concrete skirting material is by far the best. Not only is it durable and long-lasting but also it is fire resistant. So, in high areas where there is a potential for summer fires this skirting is a great choice. What is more DURASKIRT™ mobile home skirting is sold in kits.

Ventilation and doors

The majority of the homeowners are unaware of the ventilation. That is why their home has to suffer the shortcomings. A simple calculation is that for 150 square feet, you need at least 1 square foot of ventilation. Thermostatically vents close automatically when the temperature goes to 35 to 40 degrees.

How to buy mobile home skirting kits

Mobile home skirting kits are available worldwide. Mobile home skirting kits are available in the local shops as well as available online. Did you know, there is no difference in pricing of mobile home skirting in shops or online.

Surely, you will have to pay delivery charges when you order skirting online. Although purchasing skirting from the local shop is highly recommended. Seek out an expert or a professional who could assist you in choosing the right skirting material.  Finally, the expert mut be well versed in installation processes for your home.

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