Interview: Music Marketing Guru Casiino Smooth

Hello Casiino Smooth! How are you?

Hi,I’m doing well. I’m currently running social media campaigns for 4 artists right now.

What is your occupation?

I got into music marketing around 2017 shortly after moving to Atlanta. I used to be an artist and create music myself in the early 2000’s.

Who was one person that helped you to get to where you are today?

My greatest inspiration is teaching music artists that music is a business. So many people think you just have to create music and make it, but there are many other hidden steps to create a successful music artist and most of those steps are business focused. I like teaching music artists the business and marketing side of the music industry in creative ways.

What is your next big move?

The hardest problem I’ve encountered was managing everything at once. If I’m working with 10 artists at the same time and managing, then I have to make sure I provide the same quality of service to each client equally.

How do you build your clients trust?

The greatest achievement I’ve accomplished so far is doing promotion and marketing for an artist, seeing them build a real fanbase and advance to get a record deal or make money independently.

What separates you from other competitors?

The artists I manage @ZacmParker @BigLotionTheEntertainer and @BassGangNova are planning on releasing music all summer and year.

What is one milestone you want to hit before you retire?

Now I’m focused on working and growing with the clients I manage and certain key artists to help build their music careers.

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