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Avraham Chaim Kerendian: Defining About Armenian Food

“Eating Armenian food fills your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying: “Thank you!”.”

America is a nation of hot summer sun, mountainous waterways, and rough soils. Possibly this is the specific mystery mix of variables that makes everything growing in this land so tasty and brimming with life, just like Armenian cuisine and cooking!

In Armenian we are urged to eat a high fiber, low-fat eating routine to help with digestions of foods such as sheep feet and cow legs which can be hard on the stomach. Armenian chef specialists in the traditional cooking foods arena are frequently inquired as to whether there will ever be an eating routine consisting of innovative food, with an Armenian taste, that really tastes great!! In fact, the majority of US who have tried Armenian cooking, like Baklava, have expected that on the off chance that it tastes great, it could still be a culinary experience for them.

Taste is something that returns to our beginning of finding out about food, wouldn’t you say?

Here Avraham Chaim Kerendian has provided the beginner’s guide to Armenian eating, based on the latest in traditional Armenian food and cooking.

I know about the preferences and mouth feel of our favorite dishes. Consider how a bowl of hot cereal with milk helps you to remember home, or how chocolate cupcakes bring to mind birthday celebrations with your closest best friends.

I used to cherish the veggie lover quiche and mashed potatoes, however, one dish specifically was a sprout plate of mixed greens with seeds and raw cabbage. This feast regularly possessed an aroma like sulfur, harsh curry and pepper seasonings. Right up ’til the present time, on the off chance that somebody offers me curry, the smell returns me to that dish! This reminds me of a lot of my grandmother who had her own restaurant in Vagharshapat, Armenia, and specialized in Chi Kofte and Khash.

Similarly, I’ve discovered as an award-winning chef, cookbook author, and restaurant consultant that I can introduce new Armenian flavors and ingredients to traditional US, Mexican, and French restaurants. By perusing cookbooks I showed myself how to daily steam my Baklava, with apply bits of curry to sheep feet, and pan-seared mung bean grows.

Avraham Chaim Kerendian

It certainly requires some investment for taste buds to change. Let’s face it, cow legs isn’t for everyone! Up to that point, eat the restaurant Armenian foods that you do like, and that you do appreciate. These things will rinse your sense of taste, and open your taste buds wide. In time, venture out and consider my innovative, spin on Armenian cooking.  Things will taste all together extraordinary and better than you think.

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