5 Famous Hollywood Celebs Who Got Liposuction Before 2021

Going under the knife is never the first option, but it is for sure the most permanent of all the others. Imagine struggling through strenuous workouts to burn out fats in some sections of your body to no avail! It becomes very stressful and can even lower your self-esteem, but worry no more liposuction is here for you.

In a nutshell, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery done by the best Liposuction doctors in America to remove the fat and excess skin that just won’t go. With that said, let us take a look at 5 Hollywood celebrities who went under the knife to get something fixed.

1. ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson- Actor

The former wrestler had a lipo done on his chest. The procedure is particularly not one of the examples of liposuction New Jersey doctors typically do. However,  it was, for sure, a necessary procedure. Known as gynecomastia surgery, he had his chest reduced, and the results were spectacular.

The Rock before and after surgery picture

2. Sharon Osbourne- Talk Show Host

The Hollywood star is not a newbie in these streets. Sharon Osbourne knows the surgery scene too well, but to add to the list, she had her body structure modeled and her face done. One of the best liposuction doctors in America contoured her body by removing some of her loose skin. This was, in addition to her facelift, also done recently.

Sharon Osbourne’s transformation

3. Jessica Simpson- Fashion Designer

Jessica came clean that back in 2015, she had two lipo surgeries where she underwent two tummy tucks. After back-to-back pregnancy encounters, she attests that a lot of skin was left sagging, and she had to get it fixed. Tummy tucks are in the list of examples of liposuction New Jersey doctors typically do. Now she looks stunning with no excess fat and sagging skin.

Jessica Simpson before and after liposuction

4. Ariel Winter- Actress

The Modern Family actress who plays the role, Alex, got her breast reduced as they were causing her back pain and discomfort. The transformation makes her feel more comfortable with her new boost of confidence teeming. Ariel reduced from an F cup to a comfortable D cup.

Ariel Winter before and after surgery picture

5. Cardi B- Musician

After the birth of her baby with Offset, Kulture Kiari, the ‘I like it’ rapper went under the knife on her abdominal area. All of the best liposuction doctors in America are very familiar with such procedures, and so the star came out looking fresh with a beautifully toned tummy. But she said with a disclaimer that the process is one hard one, one that people should not take it lightly.

Cardi B’s new toned tummy

Wrap up

Being comfortable in your skin sometimes means fixing a few things. And the best liposuction doctors in America have mastered the skills to get this done correctly. These surgeries have been here and will continue being a hot topic, in Hollywood and elsewhere. You have got to do what you got to do, right!

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