Things to know about tattoo cover-up

Need to use a tattoo cover up is for a wedding, job interview or just for a special occasion?

There are a lot of ways to cover a tattoo, from physically covering it to concealing in with makeup. To make this process simple for you we’ve answer the two most commonly asked questions about how to cover your tattoo with makeup.

Question 1: Will tattoo makeup concealer work on my tattoo?

The answer to this is that it depends on the quality of your tattoo cover up. Some people choose to use normal makeup to cover tattoos. If your tattoo is very small and of a fairly light colour – that is fine. Regularly makeup will do the job well. However if  you have a tattoo that you need to cover that is larger than a 20 cent piece or with dark colours, ordinary makeup won’t have the depth of pigment you need to cover your tattoo and keep it covered.

If that is the case, we recommend a high quality tattoo cover up that is developed specifically to cover tattoos. They typically have a darker pigment and are water and smudge resistant

Question 2: How do I find the right tattoo makeup cover up?

The answer to this question is that you want to buy the very best product you can that is in your budget. One of the difficulties with cheaper tattoo cover up solutions is that they often have a limited range of shades, making it difficult to match your skin tone.

The higher quality tattoo cover ups (like ours) give you a palette of colours which allows you to combine different colours so you can match your skin exactly.

Question 3: How do I apply tattoo makeup concealer.

Once you have found the right makeup cover up, the next step is to take the time to practice. This is where you can learn the techniques that really make the cover up work

First off, make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Next add the neutralizing base concealer using the spatula that is provided in the kit. Some people like to blend it onto the back of their hand and warm it up a little before they apply it.

After that step – apply the finishing colour. There are 3 provided in the kit and this is where you are wise to spend some time to make sure you match you skin done. The kits themselves come in light and medium and contain high colour pigments for long last coverage.

Then, all you have to do is apply finishing powder. This powder is lightweight and give the makup the chance to set so that it becomes smudge proof and water resistance. You apply the finishing powder with the powder puff that is supplied with the kit.

Take a look at the finished product. Can you see your tattoo through it or is it completely covered? If it is covered you are done. If not, all you have to do is circle back and repeat the steps.

Add Finishing Powder Our Finishing Powder is realy easy to apply. It is lightweight and allows the makeup to set with a water-resistant finish. It is easy to apply. All you have to do is touch the powder on with the puff that we have provided. Once that is done, you can brush off any excess with the smaller brush. And here’s what the finished product looks like…

In every Tattoo Secret kit, there are 3 Finishing Colours. They come in light or medium and contain high colour pigments for long-lasting coverage.


You get your money back. No questions asked. It’s that simple.

Number 1: Tattoo Ink is See-Through

If over another color you put the shade to cover the old ink, then it doesn’t work, rather it to the old one adds a new color. It looks like the new ink covers the old one when it first put on it, but in some weeks, the old tattoo will bleed out as the new ink begins to set. By comparing cover-ups to stained glass, one tattoo artist explains it. Over the other one, you can put one color of stained glass, but through the new one, you can still see the original color. It means two things. First, the original tattoo will show more through the new one as the darker it is, and second, the new tattoo color will be affected by or blended with the new colors. A skilled cover-up artist knows that how the new colors blend with the old ones, and after knowing that principle, he/she uses the right color theory and good designs to get the fine result. This task requires an artist with good experience and training, and it’s never an easy task. Not all good tattoo artists need to be good cover-up artists too. It’s a specialized skill to cover-up tattoo art.

Number 2: The Darker the Original Tattoo, Through the Cover-Up The More It Will Show

There are two things that used to make a tattoo dark. One is the ink’s density, how much the ink is used, and the other one is the color of the ink. The amateur artist uses a lot of ink or tends to be heavy-handed to get the effects of their choice while, compared to them, the experienced artists know that to achieve the effect they want, they can also use less ink and what is required. Compared to light colors like white or yellow, dark colors like dark blue or black will show through the tattoo more; however, if the original artist uses the high density of the light color, then a light color can also cover up with a strong effect.

Number 3: Design Matters

Tattoo art requires many skills and talents. Skills are developed with experience and training, while talents are what an artist born with. Your artist needs to be a good designer while cover-up, which is a talent. She or he must know how to create a new design to cover-up the old design like it never existed before. With lettering and long straight lines, this is more of a challenge. If the number of the hard lines of the old tattoo is large, then it limited your tattoo artist with both color and design. To create a pleasing and new design, a skilled designer will find a way to incorporate the existing lines of the old tattoo while the amateur artist ends with a very dark and huge tattoo.

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