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Kristy V aka Sister Kristy is not your typical social media influencer, she takes responsibility in her following, and is using her fame to bring awareness to save the animals.  Her journey to her collective following of over 200K took grit and persistence. As a young woman from a small town in Canada, posting any sort of photo showcasing her beauty wasn’t accepted in her town, and she had to fight through the challenges that came from people openly disagreeing with what she was doing.   Kristy states:

“I grew up as a redneck basically. Posting your body on social media back in 2016 was taboo, and you’d get so much hate for it, but I stuck to my guns and walked through all of that so women today could run. Now I’m the most high-fashion person I know, but still redneck at heart of course!”

Fighting through the negativity took grit and a true sense of self.  Kristy wouldn’t allow anyone to alter her opinion or her love of the work she found herself in. Kristy had to deal with in person bullies and cyber bullies. Kristy says

“It’s not easy to deal with negativity. I remember people writing my initials on them and walking around half naked at parties pretending to be me. I remember people leaking my personal cell phone number to my followers.”

But Kristy has a very simple solution to handle these negative people, block them.  Kristy is a firm believer that you should just remove the negativity from your life; it is that simple.  This a strategy suggested in many mental health tip articles in association with social media.  Instead of following people that make you question yourself or your worth, remove those triggers from your feed.

Kristy’s start in the social media industry was in 2016, where she worked multiple reception jobs while pursuing her career as an influencer. She worked her way into the influencer world on her own, paving her own path.  It was a lot of trial and error and figuring out how to become successful in the industry.  She eventually moved from a small town to one of the biggest cities in Canada so that her online presence didn’t interfere with her other work.   Eventually her Patreon site was making enough money that she made the choice to quit her job and commit to pursuing her career as an influencer.

Kristy states: “After I was making a significant amount on Patreon, I knew I needed to get an accountant and [make it] an official business. About a month after making that decision, [without the support from my parents] I decided to take the risk of quitting my stable white-collar job.  Without risk there’s no reward. I’m now happy to say I’ve been officially employed by my own company for a full year and still going strong, with bigger better things still to come!”

It is tough to make it as an influencer; there is so much competition and standing out takes hard work.  Kristy says that her early start has really helped her out, as she has made genuine connections with her audience and found loyal followers.  With OnlyFans pages popping up all over, Kirsty has found that success comes from posting consistently and providing new content, and that it is important to have the best quality photos.  Being an influencer with a dynamic feed takes skill and creativity, and Kristy strives to continue to come up with fresh ideas and new marketing strategies.  She is very particular with how much she shows on her photos, and she maintains intrigue by not giving it all away.

Kristy takes all of her photos herself, and that’s how she’s done it from the beginning. She started by taking photos with a Bluetooth clicker but has upgraded her equipment to a Glamcor lighting set up, which she says is worth the investment.

“Basically, it’s a tripod with a phone holder and two lights on the sides. The lights can be fully adjusted from warm/cool bright/dark. That really upped my selfie game. And of course, I still have that original Bluetooth clicker! I also have the newest iPhone for the best quality, and I tend to use portrait mode the most. The only time I worked with someone is when I did the photo shoots for my 2020 calendar. It was completely unplanned, but there were just so many great photos in portrait mode (with the iPhone X) that I decided to put it together!”

Outside of her influencer life, Kristy has a passion for luxury shopping, but she does it smartly.  Her favorite store is Winners, as they sell all designer items but for half the price.  One of her long-term goals is to own her very own Birkin bag. She also loves to play Call of Duty with her friends and fans and just hanging out at home with her two cats and her hamster.

Kristy has big changes coming to her platforms that she is excited to announce do not involve Patreon or OnlyFans. She is aiming for something more personal to connect with her following. Her goals moving forward are to reach 1 Million followers on Instagram and to be on the cover of a magazine. She has been in the Maxim cover girl contest and feels inspired to continue working towards that goal.   Kristy is hoping to not only reach 1 million followers, but also have 1 million in the bank account, and then buy that dream Birkin bag.

“My absolute dream would be to own a Birkin! It’s the most luxurious purse in the world, and another sign of “okay, she made it”. I already know exactly where I’m going to purchase from and everything! Wish me luck!”

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