New Book Helps Readers to Live Intentionally, Create Abundance and Find Purpose

In her new book, Adulting as a Millennial: A Guide to Everything Your Parents Didn’t Teach You, Asha Tarry discusses mindful steps towards living intentionally, creating abundance, and ultimately living a life of purpose.

Throughout the book, Tarry recalls various stages in her own life, where she learned valuable lessons about transforming herself in ways that led her to the person she has become today. For Tarry, her story includes a battle with people-pleasing when faced with decisions about her professional future. She had received praise for her desire to be a nurse since she was a little girl, but later found that this was not her calling.  Tarry says, “I really didn’t enjoy what I was doing as much as I enjoyed telling people what I was in school for.” She adds, “As I got older and more in touch with my authentic self, I recognized how toxic people-pleasing can be a detriment to your own well-being.”

Of her inspiration for the book, she says, ” I wrote this book with one person in mind—the person you are becoming.” As a professional who counsels and coaches Millennials, Tarry has witnessed the social and emotional challenges that come with experiencing imposter syndrome, anxiety, and insecure relationships.

Tarry has found that many people struggle with negative thoughts about their past, present, and future lives.  Tarry explains, “I’ve learned over the years that if you’re going to transform yourself, you must let go of the negative experiences you’ve had in the past and clear your mind of whatever let downs you’ve had so you can embrace the abundant things that will come your way.”

Tarry’s book is about creating abundance anywhere that people want to put their focus on.  Some of the questions she asks readers include:

  • Are you receptive to discovering who you’re becoming even if that means it doesn’t look exactly how you saw it in your mind?
  • How many times have you wanted to give up because the outcome was different than you expected?
  • What are you actively doing each day to renew your mind?
  • How does it make you feel when you do?
  • How are you using what you see, hear, feel and do to show you that what you’re experiencing is reflected in what you’re seeking, as well as in what you need to attract it?

Tarry says, “My life changed when I decided to change it. I grew tired of the mundane career choices I made, the unsatisfying relationships I stayed in, and the limited amount of income I was earning, so I started to do things differently. And when I did incredible things started to happen for me.”

Adulting as a Millennial: A Guide to Everything Your Parents Didn’t Teach You is a guide to helping others to find their purpose, even if that means going through some unexpected events. Tarry hopes that her readers will commit to being patient for an affirming outcome to arrive  and commit to not going through this journey alone. She says, “Our lives are to be lived although at times you don’t know what’s coming next. The process of being in the moment is all you have.”

Tarry concludes with this powerful statement, “I hope what you gain is a new perspective on living abundantly, and humbly but also with great passion. May you build confidence by repeatedly doing what you are good at and then valuing yourself in every way, from your life’s work to your relationships and health. Whatever you do keep going. It all adds up.”

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