Looking Back At The Films Of May 1975, The Month Before ‘Jaws’ Came Out

Our journey into the history of film has now reached the ‘70s. Last week, we finally hit pay dirt. May of 1980 was the first of these looks back where the movies were pretty significant and successful. Were there a couple duds? Sure, but there was also The Shining and Empire Strikes Back. I feel like we’re getting quite old school now. The year 1975 was so long ago. The movie business was quite different. Well, the movie business at this exact moment is completely insane, but I digress. Reaching back to May 1975, let’s take a look at what came out.

In June 1975, movie history was made. Jaws was released, and the summer blockbuster was born. This is May, though, and May…was not very good. Did you like The French Connection? It’s a great movie. It won Best Picture! Well this month gives you…French Connection II. That movie is pretty much forgotten. The Pink Panther is a acclaimed comedy, and then with A Shot in the Dark the series became about Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Now we’ve got The Return of the Pink Panther, the fourth Pink Panther movie. Some people think it’s pretty good.

The Eiger Sanction (1975) – MUBI

There was a Clint Eastwood movie, but it’s The Eiger Sanction. There was also a Burt Reynolds movie. He was a huge star in the ‘70s. In May 1975, though, he starred in W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings. Hey, at least The Happy Hooker came out. That’s a ridiculous name for a movie, but in a fun way. A lot of the movies that came out I don’t even recognize. The films of this month have largely been forgotten by time. I do recognize The Day of the Locust, a John Schlesinger film with a fairly impressive cast. I think it’s supposed to be good, but I haven’t seen it.

June 1975 would have been quite the month to take about. Even April had Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Alas, May was a forgettable month. I mean, there have been worse months in this series. None of these movies are notoriously bad films. It’s just a lot of mediocrity and forgettable movies. May 1975 is one big shrug.

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