Installing a TV antenna: How to get the best signal

There is a common problem of signals which we normally face when it comes to TV signals. Here we will tell you how you can improve it by tv aerial installation.

Installation of an indoor TV antenna

It is the simplest TV antenna to install. Just place the antenna next to the TV and connect it to the TV using a coaxial cable. If the image appears blurred, you can install the antenna near a window. Avoid placing it near metal objects, which could block the signal. If that’s not enough, place the antenna high for better reception and rotate it until you get a clear picture. Always re-scan channels each time you reposition your TV antenna.

Advantages and disadvantages of installing an indoor TV antenna


  • Very easy to install: just connect the coaxial cable to the TV, scan the channels and you’re ready to go!
  • Inexpensive and easily transportable when moving.


  • Does not work in areas with a weak signal.
  • Concrete walls can interfere with signal reception.

Installation of an outdoor TV antenna

It is the most delicate TV antenna to install. Make sure you follow the safety rules when installing an antenna on the roof or on a wall of your house. Follow the instructions to the letter. To properly orient your antenna, take the example of the installation of your neighbors: all the antennas must face the transmitter. Always check that the image is clear before attaching your antenna. If in doubt, ask a professional to install it, it can save you a lot of worries!


Advantages and disadvantages of installing a digital and outdoor TV antenna


  • Stronger and better TV signal.
  • Works well in remote areas of a transmitter.


  • Its installation is more complicated than that of an indoor or ceiling antenna since you have to fix it on an exterior wall or on your chimney.
  • It requires drilling holes in the wall to pass the long coaxial cable that connects it to the TV.
  • More expensive.

Installation of a ceiling TV antenna

Place the TV antenna on the ceiling following the instructions in the manual. Before installing the antenna, think about where you want to position it so as not to bump your head every time you go up to the attic. Try different positions until you get the best TV reception. You can buy a model that can be installed both on the ceiling and outdoors. If it does not work in the first case, you can place it outside. (Visit website: tv aerial installation)

Advantages and disadvantages of installing a ceiling antenna


  • Easier to install than outdoor antennas: no need to climb on the roof!
  • Not being exposed to the outside environment, it remains in better condition than an outdoor antenna.


  • The signal tends to be weaker than with an outdoor antenna because of the roof between it and the transmitter.
  • Does not work with a metal roof.

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