How to use yoni eggs?

The Yoni eggs are used to increase feminine strength. Several people are using these vagina stones to promote sexuality in women. These are several benefits of using these eggs for women. Unsatisfied sex desires disturb everyone, and this desire has no end. It is a problem that leads to the situation in which a woman can improve her sexual performance. By the aging women face the challenge of low orgasm. It is a problem in which a woman is not able to fulfill the sexual desire that is known as libido. It can be happened to any woman in any situation due to certain reasons.

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Problems in relationship
  • Mental disturbance
  • Physical fitness

Using the yoni eggs is a standard treatment, and it can be done to get rid of all feminine problems.

Learn the use of the eggs

So, you want to know how to use yoni eggs. It is very simple and easy to use these eggs. It is important to clean the egg with warm water. Soak it for some time in the warm water. Learn more about the preparation method. Yes, prepare the egg before inserting it into the vagina. To get the maximum benefits of the Yoni egg, you need to clear, charge, and bond with it. Clearing it means that it removes the negative energy.


Now comes insertion. This is a fun and simple procedure. If your yoni egg contains a hole, then you can add a string for quick retrieval. You can insert it simply with your fingers by sitting down.

How to use it?

Once the egg goes into the vagina, there are some ways that help you use it.

  • Sex
  • Yoni breathing
  • Mediate
  • Exercise

The egg will provide you 100% best and desired results.

How to remove it?

Its removal procedure is easy and simple. Take a deep squat position with your vaginal muscles. If it contains a string, then you can take it out simply.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs

It comes with several benefits, and some are given below.

  • Decreases the PMS signs and cramping during menstruation cycles
  • Enhances natural lubrication reduces menopause effects
  • Enhances vitality
  • Decreases depression
  • Releases pain
  • Heals sexual trauma
  • Recovers from pelvic weakness due to the natural childbirth
  • Increases orgasm
  • Increases sexual awareness

For the majority of the women, these eggs are new, and it is important to know about the use of these eggs.

The yoni egg is highly wonderful to treat many other mental issues, including fears, anxiety, depression, addiction, and smoking, sleeping disorder, loss, grief, and many more. In this way, women can achieve their goals by motivating themselves towards an active life. You will be able to keep your mind fresh and active, keep your nerves calm and relaxed. It will multiply your efforts. For raising the output, it helps you to be social by accepting your present body structure. Prefer using this methodology instead of sitting in depression. It helps in cutting your miseries from the body by energizing the body.

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