How A User Onboarding Software Helps?

With the release of a new feature in your app, the mission of user onboarding flows. With that in mind, all the capabilities you would need to make your users aware of the new feature are integrated in a single platform, known as a user onboarding software. Such a software offers endless possibilities to customize your users’ onboarding experience. Here, let’s see how this software can do to powerup your user onboarding flow.

Greets your new users: New users may start onboarding, but what if they decide to leave even before they finish the process. This software can nudge users back into your app or call churned user to give one more try. It is a good way to send personal videos to your users, and also notify you when they take an action.

Creates onboarding tutorials and videos: You can record videos that can help your users stuck at different stages of onboarding. Such a video should include every step involved in setting up the app from beginning to end. Such tutorials and videos are extremely useful for your newest users, as they allow you to answer your users’ queries through email, in-app or customer support.

Encourages users to take steps: First of all, decide what you want your users to do after watching your onboarding video or tutorial. Whether you want them to subscribe to something, download something or visit a specific page or video, nudging your user towards the next steps becomes so easy with this software. It is a great way to embed a call to action, like link or signup form. With this feature, you can direct users to email lists once they finish watching your video. Your users will not even need to leave the app.

Improves user engagement: The user onboarding process does not finish when your users watch your video or go through a guided tour. The goal is to establish repeated behaviors with multiple visits to the app through increased user engagement. Sending emails to your users can be a great way to establish such behaviors. The goal is to bring users back to the app and make it a crucial part of their lives. If your emails are irrelevant and low in quality, your users may flag them as spam, and this will further decrease the number of your app users. 

Monitors what’s working and what’s not: As your user engagement increases, giving them the same onboarding experience time and again can frustrate your users and raise your churn levels. A competent software program will allow you to see how your users are reacting to your onboarding system, and help you identify potential issues in time. Make your users’ experience smooth and memorable with the help of guided tours, step by step instructions, and excellent customer support.

Want to see how your users are accepting your app’s new feature or invite new signups to your demo video? A reliable, interactive and effective user onboarding software is just a click away at Apxor.

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